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66,666.66 USD
66,666.66 USD
16 Jun 2020
16 Jun 2020
1 bid
United States
8-Track cartridge
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they probably don't play right anymore

it was just that crap they call "rock 'n' roll" anyway or rock music or whatever the real name is for that devil's music bla bla bla, it's all created in the bowels of hell and any god fearing christian bible-believin' son or daughter born in america knows this, it is a fact that cannot be denied.

my fav-o-rite real singer frank sinatra said it all, sometime in 1958

"it's not music, it's just a bunch of crap. and it'll all be gone by next summer."

actually...summer 1959. i yi yi yi yi yi -- the scourge of FrankieAvalonANETTEearlybobbyrydell oh man, if you need the push to finally commit suicide with an ice pick to your forehead? LET ME PLAY "VENUS" FULL BLAST ABOUT TEN TIMES AND LET"S JUST DO IT BECAUSE THE SWEET STILL SILENCE OF DEATH would be 100 x better than the horrible whiny sounds of frankie the mental midnight beach party homo ("you're not allowed to call bad rock singers 'homo's anymore, mike") oh fuck off AND YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO HEAR "VENUS" BY FRANKIEfuckingAVALON AN EXTRA TWELVE TIMES YOURSELF TOO until you kill yourself too. and frankie avalon is the reason why.

so Sinatra was right -- it was horrible garage which disappeared by the time Kennedy stole the election, i mean got elected in fall 1960. GOOD RIDDANCE TO HORRIBLE RUBBISH. ("hey mike, did you ever hear of Peter Frampton, aka frampton comes alive?") um. uh. um. uh, whoever said that can fuck off too, ok.

but anyway. this horrible rock music right here on these 8 tracks got run over by dad's truck, and the only one that half survived was his TRUCK DRIVIN' MAN comp on Starday/Nashville or whatever. i don't think any of the other ones even have their "shells" intact.

sooo R.I.P., BeachBoysJimmySmithRubinoosSuzipleasureseekerQuatro and whatever the hell UnitedStatesofAmerica is (or was) (if it's even a real thing and not some clive davis writeoff cross-collateralizing his pals at Elektra's dingbat "Signs of the Zodiac" hippie pot-smoker draft dodger weirdo whatever, it's all horrible noise that i bet the communists had a hand in creating, so what the hell, i'm glad this dry rot got trashed by the Chevy 4-wheeler. .
but if any billionaire wants to throw some thousand dollar bills at this post, i WILL GLADLY CONSIDER ALL OFFERS as long as they're enough to pay my rent for another month in this wonderful world of the New American Depression.

ok that's all.



2796279627962796$27.96$27.96$27.96 i'm subliminally sending out "send me money" suggestions to the greater collective unconscious. at least that's how dad's "guest minister" told him how to get "free money if you believe in jesus because he believes in me and we will all be rich." sounds crazy to me but what the hell. our crap highschool team always managed to get beat in out-of-conference games (against ranked state teams obviously) by something like 27 - 96 or worse, man NINETY SIX POINTS is a lot of points to give up in a highschool game. but yeah we sucked. it was usually, dunno, like 12 - 57 at the half and the Top 20 Div II team would pull all their starters and send in their worst five bench slobs for the last 16 minutes which would make the second half (starting varsity vs "bench scrubs") more or less a standoff. jeez and goddamn did CHRISTMAS INVITATIONALS SUCK ASS if your school has their worst team ever, several years straight.