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Vinyl: Wet Wet Wet-Picture This 12” LP-(VERY RARE) UK 1ST 1995 Mercury 526 851 1

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38.50 GBP
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38.50 GBP
04 Dec 2019
28 Nov 2019
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United Kingdom
Wet Wet Wet
United Kingdom
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Due to moving to a smaller home Im listing some of my records that Ive owned for many years in most cases over the next few months.I always pack the records well and use a proper carded record mailer and only send them via signed for delivery,all items are to be paid for via PayPal only within 2 days max after the auction ends or straight away if its a buy it now etc,many thanks. All records and cds are graded as per record collector grade system.
(Mint) The record itself is brand new condition/records that are unplanned or sealed are classed as mint.
(Excellent) The record shows some signs of being played but there is very little lessening in sound quality.The cover and packaging may have slight wear and/creasing.

(Very Good) The record has obviously been played many times,but displays no major deterioration in sound quality,despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light mal wear and tear on the cover or extra items,without any major defects is acceptable.