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Poster: PRINCE Very Rare 1999 Mill City Music Music Festival Poster

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03 Dec 2019
26 Nov 2019
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United States
United States
Rock & Pop
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Beautiful photo of Prince used for marketing the Mill City Music Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 4-6, Minneapolis' Historic Warehouse District along First Avenue from Third to Sixth Street.

From the show's producers:
The greatest show on earth is performing in Minneapolis on September 6th, but it's not Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Compared to this musician, their lions, tigers and bears seem like a night at the local bingo hall. Yes -- closing the final night of the Mill City Music Festival is one of the greatest musicians of all time, The Artist formerly known as Prince. Both his name and his music have evolved since he began recording in the late seventies, but he has always been Minneapolis' favorite son. Ask anyone who's ever seen the man in concert and they'll tell you that it's a religious experience. Forget the word concert, when The Artist takes the stage with over twenty years of songs to choose from, it's not just an event --it's a phenomenon. After this show you'll be left standing in the streets of downtown Minneapolis reborn through the gyrating of one man's hips. It's hard to believe that The Artist is just one performance out of many at the Mill City Music Festival, but it's only the closing act. The three day party includes The Jayhawks, Semisonic and Bob Mould. But it doesn't even stop there. There are almost too many great bands, such as Greazy Meal, The Honeydogs, Dazy Head Mazy, Mason Jennings, 3 Minute Hero and Happy Apple. The 1999 Mill City Music Festival is huge. This festival has everything that the too-corporate, sold-out, pathetic-attempt-to-relive-the- innocence-of-the-'60s Woodstock 1999 didn't. Mill City 1999 will be like having multiple orgasms. Plus, it's the perfect antidote to thoughts of yet another school year. For more information, see the .