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CD: INXS Kick CD in SEALED longbox! New! Rare! Need You Tonight Michael Hutchence

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90.00 USD
90.00 USD
26 Mar 2020
18 Aug 2019
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United States
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You are looking at a hard to find INXS Kick CD in SEALED longbox! New! CD in SEALED longbox ! The box is in very good condition- There is a very thin cut on the box on the top left part of the box. (see the scanned picture for details). These boxes went out of print over 25 years ago. They are hard to come by these days. Great piece of memorabilia!

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I have been collecting music memorabilia since the mid 80’s, and have way too much stuff. Besides hunting for music in stores, conventions, and Goldmine magazine, I interned at a NY radio station in the late 80’s and have tons of cds, posters, records, promos, autographs, etc. If you have any specific items you need for your collection feel free to drop me a note. Lots of new wave, dance and pop acts (Duran Duran, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, U2, Depeche Mode, Prince, Michael & Janet Jackson, Bjork, Eurythmics, Boy George, INXS, Cyndi Lauper, Gun’s N Roses, REM, Erasure, Morrissey, etc… I have many obscure 80’s 12” singles, so don’t hesitate to write me.

I will be adding more of my collection through out the summer, keep your eyes open!