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CD: AC/DC "Live" 2CD original Japan issue AMCY465/6 w. exclusive bonus track

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05 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019
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AC/DC "Live" 2CD original Japan issue AMCY465/6 w. exclusive bonus track
A brief note:Everything we sell is in stock. All photographs are of the actual item for sale. Many large scale Australian sellers do not have the items they "offer". They are obtained from a third seller after a sale is made. Despite being contrary to ebay's stated terms of sale such sellers are given free rein.Everything we sell is genuine. Again ebay allow open slather on the sale of counterfeit items, especially in the area where we are concerned, the sale of compact discs.We are no longer incorporating postage in the price shown as we have found sellers do not differentiate between items where "free" postage is shown or where postage is charged. There is of course no such thing as "free" postage. Some buyers seemingly think a seller can go into the post office, give them a friendly wave and say it is free postage on ebay and simply walk out without paying a cent. Such is NOT the case. Ebay charge commission on postage, another sign of their contempt for both buyer and seller alike. Postage: Australia $9 (small parcel 250-500gr). No international post

AC/DC "Live" 2CD original Japan issue AMCY465/6 w. exclusive bonus track with foldout poster/booklet plus 2 Japanese English booklets. The Japanese version has the bonus track "Hell ain't a Bad Place to Be"

1-1 Thunderstruck 6:35
1-2 Shoot To Thrill 5:21
1-3 Back In Black 4:28
1-4 Sin City 5:40
1-5 Who Made Who 5:15
1-6 Heatseeker 3:37
1-7 Fire Your Guns 3:38
1-8 Jailbreak 14:41
1-9 The Jack 6:57
1-10 The Razors Edge 4:35
1-11 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 5:02
1-12 Moneytalks 4:29

2-1 Hells Bells 6:01
2-2 Are You Ready 4:32
2-3 That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll 3:56
2-4 High Voltage 10:33
2-5 You Shook Me All Night Long 3:53
2-6 Whole Lotta Rosie 4:30
2-7 Let There Be Rock 12:17
2-8 Bonny 1:03
2-9 Highway To Hell 3:53
2-10 T.N.T. 3:48
2-11 For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 7:17
2-12 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 4:15

ANY QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to ask.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to ask.

Australia Post has a complicated set of rules and regulations which need explaining. Australia Post charge not only on weight but thickness. If a package is under 20mm thick it goes as a letter and conversely if over 20mm thick goes as a parcel at a higher rate. Fat cases are at the parcel rate. Now another complication enters. Australia Post applies the same postage for parcels from 50grams to 500 grams. Different rates of course apply for domestic and overseas but the same weight limits apply. The weight of a double cd in a fat case will usually allow 2 to be sent for the same price as one. So I will include the weight as an indicator as to how many can be sent for the rate...remember up to 500 grams can go for this rate. Best news is that Australia Post has one of the best and most reliable services in the world.

Australia $8.25 (parcel post satchel) Overseas US/Canada $15 Europe/Sth America $19 Asia/New Zealand $11.50 PLEASE WAIT FOR INVOICE TO ENSURE CORRECT POSTAGE IS CHARGED. And remember that due the wide weight range 2 or more can go for this.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please do not hesitate to ask.