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CD: Alfredo Valdes Jr. Su Piano Y Su Sabor, "Almendra, "La Comparsa", "Frenesi"

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13 Jun 2019
03 Apr 2019
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Alfredo Valdes Jr. Su Piano Y Su Sabor, "Almendra, "La Comparsa", "Frenesi"

Selling off my entire CD collection. I purchased the majority of these CD?s in the late 80?s to late 90?s. Most were purchased from Descarga, which recently went out of business. These are mostly all 1st edition which gives them added rarity. Most CD?s available today are either remastered, newer editions and lately I have seen a lot of counterfeit first edition CD?s popping up usually coming out of foreign countries due to the value of first editions. Some of the more obvious signs of counterfeits is a different font, very white paper along with very black ink. CD?s over 20 years old usually experience some yellowing, most of mine have slightly yellowing paper even though they have been in cold storage most of the years. And most of them are in mint condition. The CD?s themselves are mostly only played once as I ripped them into my computer and put them away years ago. There are a few out of over 600 cd?s that have some imperfections and I will point them out if I notice them. Otherwise please pay close attention to the photos, what you see is what you get. Probably half of my CD?s you will not find anywhere, especially 1st editions. Some CD?s were only printed once so if you didn?t get them over 20 years ago they were not available in any format anywhere. I dropped prices dramatically on these CD?s because I want to sell them all off. I left the ?make offer? option, If you are interested in multiples I will work out a deal. Domestic shipping is free, International shipping is $35 up to 3 cd?s and $60 maximum for all the CDs you purchase, if you buy more than 1 please wait for an invoice before paying. Thanks & good luck.

Note: If you want a cheaper International shipping rate, I can ship up to 2 CD's for $15. But they will ship in a thinner box with no insurance and slower mail. CD's will still be padded, and should be OK. The $35 rate is good for up to 3 cd's and comes in a thicker box with insurance and faster shipping service. Thank You.