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Vinyl: Moonshake Banksy Test Pressing - Pokemon Red / Blue Vinyl Soundtrack 38/100

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999.00 USD
999.00 USD
01 Feb 2019
25 Jan 2019
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United States
Junichi Masuda
Soundtracks & Musicals
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Moonshake Test Pressing - Pokemon Red / Blue Vinyl Soundtrack Banksy.

This record, pokémon red / blue soundtrack vinyl, is a Test Pressing by Moonshake Records. I was lucky enough to get one and am sad to part with it but I am now saving up for my wedding so i’m ready for it to have a new home! The record and sleeve have both been kept in excellent condition. Since I did play it once, I am marking it as used. This soundtrack will never be pressed again and there are only 100 test pressings in existence. Each cover was handmade by Moonshake Records by a Banksy-inspired stencil with acrylic paint on the pokeball, hand stamped with the Moonshake Records stamp, and hand numbered 38/100. Please Examine all photos and contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!

38/100 Test pressing

Bansky Pokéball cover

White Label

Hand made stencil art on sleeve with acrylic painted pokéball

Moonshake Records vinyl sleeve, edition of 100.

This is a stencil and not a print.

Each sleeve is truly unique.

This is number: 66/100.

Publisher's stamp.

In perfect condition.

Museum quality framing.

Test Press - 100 copies with alternate covers.

Note: There were three test pressing covers. Two of them are hand-painted stencils with hand-coloured red in the Poké Balls. The first one (70 count) is based off of the Banksy stencil art named "Rage The Flower Thrower". The second (25 count) was created to finish the final test press covers when the first stencil was destroyed during use. The second variant is based off the Banksy stencil art named "Girl With a Balloon". The third variant is a series of 5 hand drawn Pikachu-Homer covers which were all different designs.

Junichi Masuda is a Japanese video game composer, director, designer, producer, and programmer best known for his work in the Pokémon franchise. He is a member of the Game Freak board of directors, and has been employed at the company since 1989.


A1 Title Screen

A2 Pallet Town Theme

A3 Professor Oak

A4 Professor Oak's Laboratory

A5 A Rival Appears

A6 Road to Viridian City: Leaving Pallet Town

A7 Battle! (Wild Pokémon)

A8 Victory! (Wild Pokémon)

A9 Viridian City Theme

A10 Pokémon Center

A11 Pokémon Healed

A12 Viridian Forest

A13 Guide

A14 A Trainer Appears (Girl Version)

A15 Battle! (Trainer Battle)

A16 Victory! (Trainer Battle)

A17 Caves of Mt. Moon

A18 Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon

A19 Cerulean City Theme

A20 Pokémon Gym

A21 Road to Sea Cottage: Leaving Cerulean City

A22 Jigglypuff's Song

A23 Vermilion City Theme

A24 The S.S. Anne

A25 Poké Flute

B1 Road to Lavender Town: Leaving Vermilion City

B2 Lavender Town Theme

B3 A Trainer Appears (Boy Version)

B4 Battle! (Gym Leader Battle)

B5 Victory! (Gym Leader Battle)

B6 Cycling

B7 Pokémon Tower

B8 Celadon City Theme

B9 Rocket Game Corner

B10 A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version)

B11 Rocket Hideout

B12 Silph Co.

B13 The Sea

B14 Cinnabar Island Theme

B15 Pokémon Mansion Theme

B16 Evolution

B17 The Final Road

B18 Final Battle! (Rival)

B19 Hall of Fame

B20 Ending Theme

B21 Pokémon Theme

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