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CD: Johnny Cash Complete Columbia Discography Box Set Very Good Condition

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81.00 USD
75.00 USD
31 Jul 2020
26 Jul 2020
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United States
Very Good
Johnny Cash
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Johnny Cash Complete Columbia Discography Box Set. Condition is Very Good. As shown in the last 2 photos, there is slight damage on the rear left side top corner from the postal workers mishandling the box. This will be shipped with Priority Mail shipping, so it will be insured (in case of further mishandling). Also, the rear paper card has a crease across the top from the box set being opened. As for the condition of the CD's: I bought this brand new about 4 months ago. In that time, I listened to only a couple of them, ripped each one to my iTunes, then stuck them back on the shelf. In short, all discs are scuff and scratch free and in like new condition. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I will get back to you asap. Thank you for looking and happy eBaying!