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Vinyl: Misfits ‘Bullet’ 7” Original 1st Pressing w/ Insert Danzig

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28 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020
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United States
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Misfits ‘Bullet’ 7” Original 1st Pressing w/ Insert.

Oh no, is it? Could it be? OMG it is!! That’s right, my very favorite Misfits 7” is going up on the auction block.

Check out that cover, is that not in the kind of shape you’ve been dreaming about ever since you first heard that Texas was the reason that the President’s dead? Check out the inside - there’s some red ink there. It could be bleed-through, but this is pretty heavy cardboard – so I’m thinking it’s ink from another cover that was still slightly wet when they stacked them up directly after printing.

Vinyl is a played copy, minor scuffing but no major scratches and definitely no skips. There are some very slight scratches on the paper labels themselves. And I know how you Fiends love your matrix pics, so they’re there as well.

Insert is correct and in great condition. And really, really boring considering how great this record is, and how amazing the cover graphics are. I guess two outta three ain’t bad, huh Glenn?

As with all my photos, please ignore spots on the vinyl – there’s hella static electricity around here and it’s just dust and lint.

In the process of selling a good deal of very rare & old punk and hardcore records from my 30+ year personal collection. Going to be listing Revelation, Dischord, X-Claim, Misfits, NYHC, etc. Keep an eye on my listings. Or don’t.

I’m a collector and I ship the way I want rare items shipped to me - so have no fear, your record(s) will arrive safe. Oh, and they will be insured for full value & need a signature upon delivery. I will ship internationally, but it’s pretty pricey.

I was really hoping to not be “that guy” with a bunch of stupid rules and caveats - but I’d like to mention that (unless I say a record is new, mint, unplayed, etc): the majority of records in my collection have been played & enjoyed, some over many years.

So if you’re the type of collector who wears lint-free white cotton gloves when you handle your vinyl - that’s great, I applaud your attention to the little things. But, I also ask that you please not bid on my auctions. You’ll save us both a great deal of time & trouble, because there’s very little chance my records are going to hold up under your expert scrutiny. Life is too short, mkay?

One last thing: I’m not currently accepting offers on my records - the auction format is it for now.

Thanks for reading this far, and good luck.

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