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CD: Brian Eno - Music for Installations 6CD Set

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19 Feb 2020
21 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom
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Brian Eno
Progressive/Art Rock
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Still shrinkwrapped although shrinkwrap has split at the back, front hype sticker intact, 6cd collection

Music For Installations’ is a collection of new, rare and previously unreleased music, all of which was recorded by Brian Eno for use in his installations covering the period from 1986 until the present (and beyond). Over this time, he has emerged as the leading exponent of “generative” music worldwide and is recognised as one of the foremost audio-visual installation artists of his time.

Eno’s visual experiments with light and video have proved to be the fertile ground from which so much of his other work has grown and they cover an even longer span of time than his recordings, paralleling his musical output in recent decades. These highly-acclaimed works have been exhibited all over the globe - from the Venice Biennale and the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg to Beijing’s Ritan Park and the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

- This edition of ‘Music For Installations’ is a clam-shell box set containing 6 die-cut wallets

- 6CDs of music from Brian’s Installations past, present and future with 50% of the music being previously unreleased and the rest has only ever had very limited direct to consumer release.

- 64 Page book containing a brand new essay Eno plus rare and previously unseen photographs from his various exhibitions from 1997 to the present.