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Cassette: Jazz at the Pawnshop original Metal 2 Cassette tapes, NEW Rare audiophile rec.

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20 Dec 2019
18 Dec 2019
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United States
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While there are many versions of this legendary recording available on CD, SACD, and Vinyl, there has never been a worthy Audiophile Cassette tape version until now. Rescued from the vault, where they have been carefully preserved in climate controlled condition, we have a limited number of these exquisite Japanese made Metal tapes (double cassette) of this remarkable moment in recorded music history. These tapes sound better than most of the super-high end SACD versions I have heard and are extremely scarce. Here is you chance to bid on this highly desirable Metal cassette tape which is identical to the one pictured except that it is NEW in the original Shrink wrap. Free shipping/