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CD: Elton John / 11-17-70 (MCA MCA-619) - Elton John - Audio CD

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24.95 USD
24.95 USD
15 Sep 2020
09 Dec 2019
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United States
Very Good
Elton John
Rock 'n' Roll
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Elton John / 11-17-70 (MCA MCA-619) - Elton John - Audio CD
86 Books presents ...
Elton John / 11-17-70 (MCA MCA-619)
Author:Elton John
Release Date:
Media:Audio CD
Qty Available:1
Condition:Used: Very Good
Notes: MCA MCA-619; a couple of tiny indents near edge of front insert; jewel case is in excellent condition; disc is mint; because we care that your order arrives in the condition stated, we have additionally sealed the case in bubblewrap for added protection during shipment (that can easily be removed upon receipt of your order)
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