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DVD: PINK FLOYD The Early Years Super Deluxe Box Set, Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, Mint

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330.13 GBP
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199.99 GBP
12 Oct 2019
05 Oct 2019
8 bids
United Kingdom
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Pink Floyd
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Gorgeous all encompassing early Floyd set, a beautiful think but a bit too much for this casual fan. It’s all perfect. Includes the Obscured By Clouds bonus CD. Most of the CDs and DVDs have been played once. The vinyl generally hasn’t been played at all. Most of the inserts have been opened and looked at, some not at all. It’s lovely, basically, and a chance to get a bargain. I will post this by courier so to won’t cost too much. Or if you want to collect from my home in Derby that’s fine. I work in Westminster some of the time, so by negotiation I am prepared to carry it down and hand it over there. Bid and enjoy!