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Vinyl: Led Zeppelin Road Case, 48 single-sided 200gram, Grundman tube mastering, OOP !

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7,654.32 USD
7,654.32 USD
13 Jan 2020
04 Sep 2019
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United States
Led Zeppelin
Classic Records, Atlantic
United States
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THE Holy Grail

Led Zeppelin, the COMPLETE collection ! ONLY 500 MADE !!!

45rpm, ONE-sided 200 gram pressings.

48 ONE-sided pressings !

Mastered by Bernie Grundman with an all-tube mastering chain.

MINT, records ( I - IV ) played 1-4 times, rest of collection played ONCE !

Played on Clearaudio Stradivari, Kuzma 4-Point, SOTA Millennium Table.

Here today, gone tomorrow, see my feedback

DID I SAY MINT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yes, better than sealed !!!

If you want them pre-cleaned, I can clean all 48 sides @ No Charge. I have 2 VPI machines, one is used for only New or previously-cleaned records. I will use New Brush and new Vacuum Tube for this precious set.