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CD: SEALED Box Set Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Super Deluxe Art Book Hair BLACK CD's

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20,000.00 USD
20,000.00 USD
21 Nov 2018
20 Nov 2018
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United States
Brand New
Lady Gaga
R&B & Soul Dance & Electronica R&B & Soul
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Please look at pictures for confirmation of this item being sealed and REAL. There was a counterfeit one made that all had the same number out of 10,000. I have included my own copy which is open, next to the sealed one so that you can see the two numbers are different. Also the shrinkwrap in the sealed version is RED as you can see in the pictures. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
This is the Collector's Edition Art Book for The Fame Monster sold exclusively through Lady Gaga's online stores back in 2009. Limited edition of 10,000 copies, each is individually numbered on the back. Disc playing sides on the CD are black which are exclusive only to this release.
Includes: Pull-out posters; fanzines; sketches and writings by Lady Gaga; a lock of Lady Gaga's hair; a paper doll; double-sided puzzle; never-before-seen photos and 3D glasses.

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