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CD: Elvis Presley - At The International - Rare OOP Danish FTD CD - Mint & Sealed!

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29.99 USD
29.99 USD
12 Feb 2019
05 Oct 2018
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United States
Brand New
Elvis Presley
Rock 'n' Roll
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Elvis Presley - At The International - Rare OOP Danish FTD CD - Mint & Sealed!
Elvis Presley - At The International - Rare OOP 2002 Danish FTD CD - Mint & Sealed

Daily first class shipping from Illinois. Packaged in a padded envelope reinforced with cardboard. Mint condition and sealed in a mylar sleeve (NOT factory sealed). Genuine official FTD (Follow That Dream) / BMG Denmark release - not a cheap import or pirated copy. All items in stock. No drop-shipping. No back orders. 18-10-5

How do we get such great rare stuff? As of July 2017 we are transferring our massive inventory from that other site that used to be a good place to sell CD’s & DVD’s. But now, due to high fees and ridiculous listing policies, they suck!!! We also scour record shows, music and thrift stores throughout the Midwest. Over the years we have bought the inventory of several collector’s record stores and retired record show regulars, including many treasures long forgotten in their basements and storage lockers. We also buy music collectibles from the collectors themselves when they have a change of focus. In addition, we stocked up on rare items when we had a thriving store in the eighties and website in the nineties (no longer active). If it was going out-of-print, the distributors called me to unload their stock. We have more than we could possibly inventory so don’t ask for a list. There is also a horde of Rhinos, Collectibles, Sundazed, Vigotones, TMOQ and TDOLZ from my personal collection that I am now willing to part with, among other things that I’ve been saving for over two decades.

If you have a collection for sale, we are interested. Please contact us. We pay very well.

We strongly request immediate payment via Paypal. If you wish to make other arrangements, contact us BEFORE purchase.

Original factory-pressed silver disc - NOT a copy.