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26 Mar 2016
16 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
David Bowie
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DAVID BOWIE. By DAVID BOWIE ORIGINAL JAPAN UNPRECEDENTED DERAM STOCK COPY DL-44 IN ITS COMPLETE ORIGINAL FORM ORIGINAL OBI STRIP DL-44 ORIGINAL SECONDARY MINI OBI STRIP ! THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD DL-44 WITH ORIGINAL LYRIC SHEET WITH ORIGINAL ADVERT SHEET UNPLAYED. MINT. MINT. MINT. TOTALLY UNIQUE ITEM HERE IT IS. Without doubt. THIS IS IT. THE RAREST DAVID BOWIE DERAM LP ON EARTH. In It`s ABSOLUTE COMPLETE DAY OF RELEASE FORM . WITH THE ORIGINAL STRIP OBI DL-44. THE UNFATHOMABLY RARE MINI OBI. ALSO WITH ORIGINAL LYRIC SHEET. ORIGINAL ADVERT SHEET . AND ALL IN MINT CONDITION. TIME CAPSULE MUSEUM PIECE QUALITY. TOTALLY UNIQUE ITEM !!!! THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN THIS COMPLETE FORM, IN THIS, TRUE MINT CONDITION. AND I CHALLENGE ALL THE COLLECTORS OF THE WORLD, TO THAT CLAIM ! I have owned 5 of these stock copies along the road, NONE WITH AN OBI. And NOBODY has even heard of this Secondary MINI Obi before. IT IS TOTALLY UNPRECEDENTED !!! THIS IS RE -Writing the books !!!!PUTTING THEM RIGHT !!! Always upgrading .Believing my search will never end.....I told myself.... Have faith Alan , be patient and have faith in the Japanese .... Then one day my favourite Japan supplier called to tell me he had finally found my gem that I had searched for, for about a dozen years. As I`ve said in the past to deal with these Japanese Suppliers is an HONOUR. He told me the condition . He told me the price . One KIDNEY ! I paid . And as always . My good friend in Japan. Came through but in style I had never imagined possible. Double click the pictures and see the Sleeve ,Lyric sheet, Obi strip and Record, all baring the DL-44 cat number, THERE IS YOUR PROOF. Everything here matches, and is not some cobbled together package. JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THINGS COULDNT GET ANY BETTER . THEY CAN. THIS IS GURENTEED. CONDITION is MINT. MINT. MINT. MINT. MINT. THROUGHOUT ! TOTALLY UNPLAYED .NEVER. NOT EVER. CONDITION PRISTINE.UNPLAYED. TOP OF THE TREE. A NUMBER 1. THIS IS THE HIGHEST CALIBRE RECORD I HAVE EVER SEEN IM ALL MY LIFETIME COLLECTING . If you are going to look at this in daylight, I reccomend a good pair of Ray Bans. It has a the HIGHEST LUSTRE SHEEN POSSIBLE on a bright day just like today, THIS RARE, RARE, RARE BEAUTY. IS BLINDING !!!!When the light catches it just so I swear it looks like its made of glass. THE FINEST CONDITION RECORD I HAVE EVER OWNED ! This is going to be like one of my kids getting up , walking out , and leaving home for good . Parting with this will be bitter sweet ! Records to me are like photographs or old friends. I get em out every now and then and I go down memory lane with them. Please read below the importance of how the value of a record is affected by the presence of the Obi Strip . NOT ONLY THAT . THIS Fine, fine, piece comes with a SECONDARY MINI OBI STRIP and that is TOTALLY UNPRECEDENTED. I bought my first STOCK COPY of this LP from Marshall Jarman years ago and it never had the OBI strip. He told me this LP was never issued with an Obi .(That is testament enough to how rare it is, to see this LP complete with it`s Obi, and NOW with its UNPRECEDENTED Mini Obi also . This re writes the books ! Then in the early days of the internet. I contacted a few record stores in Japan, searching for a copy of this LP with the all important OBI Strip. Not only did none of them have it . All the stores I had contacted also told me they too, had never seen this LP with an Obi. Then I met one man who had eventually found me , this beauty . This man had been in business selling records in Japan for 28 years . And just like all the other people from Japan whom I have traded with over the years , he was (no different) , that is to say ...completely trustworthy and his product was BETTER, than he had described. (this is years before I found out about Ebay). (Any of you who have dealt with Japan record stores will know what I mean). It is as if the Japanese treat this business with honour and respect , rather than profit ! I love dealing with the Jap sellers . He said if he ever got a Stock copy with its Obi strip. I would be the first one he would call. I bought many other items from him but had to wait just over 10 or 12 years before he came good on his word, but come good he did. An insight into how the Obi`s being present affects the price is . I also ordered a copy of Funhouse by the Stooges with its Obi he said Alan . FORGET THAT ONE . Its the rarest of em all...(In all his time trading he had never seen that one) Without the Obi Funhouse is $900 .With the Obi that LP is between $5000 and $10,000 OR MORE ! That is how important these Obi strips are... ALL JAPAN STOCK COPIES ARE ORIGINALLY ISSUED WITH AN OBI . HERE IS THE RAREST DAVID BOWIE DERAM IN THE WORLD NOT ONLY WITH ITS OBI STRIP BUT WITH ITS UNPRECEDENTED MINI OBI ALSO . IN MINT CONDITION THROUGHOUT . A TOTALLY UNIQUE item in its COMPLETE form. Testimony from a top Japan record store 28 years in business can not be ignored . Marshall Jarman`s word is not to be taken lightly either. Just look at his book , his credentials. The lengthy forward in his book was written by some one you may have heard of, TONY VISCONTI . In all my time collecting I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANOTHER . THIS ITEM IS IN MINT CONDITION. IT HAS NEVER BEEN PLAYED. NOT THE SLIGHTEST HAIRLINE ANYWHERE. TOTALLY MINT THROUGHOUT. JAPAN DERAM PRESSING WITH THE ORIGINAL OBI AND THE TOTALLY UNPRECEDENTED MINI OBI WITH THE ORIGINAL INNER LYRIC SLEEVE WITH THE ORIGINAL INNER ADVERT SHEET ALL IN MINT CONDITION AND COMPLETE FORM DAY OF REALEASE MUSEUM PIECE QUALITY. UNIQUE ITEM. THE ONLY ONE ON EARTH ! A penny start. And NO RESERVE ! Bowie collectors both old and new, keep an eye on my auctions over the next few weeks. I will be selling some of the rarest David Bowie LPs ever pressed. Also click sellers other items. I no longer ship to the Russian Fed Ukraine or Italy. Postage is as follows UK £16.50 Special Delivery Germany £18.50 Tracked signed for. USA is £26.10 tracked signed for. Overseas bidders please be warned, the items going for very high prices need extra insurance. I just mailed a record to France insured for £1600 it cost me £108.20 please use this as a guide and factor it into your bidding.