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Vinyl: Bollywood LP record. GUNAHON KA DEVTA. 1967 ANGEL, 3AEX 5126. PRISTINE Condition

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3,999.00 GBP
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3,999.00 GBP
12 Jan 2021
23 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
Angel Records
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Exceptionally RARE: Gunahon Ka Devta. OST first 1967 pressing on the ANGEL label. 3AEX 5126.

* * * Photos ARE the item description * * *
The sleeve is exactly as photographed and in " PHENOMENAL " condition many decades later AND corresponds in appearance with age.
Please note that there is NO specific damage at all = Very nice and CLEAN on both sides,
Other than an ancient sticker, there are NO scribbles, shop stamps, signatures or frayed edges. There is no light damage, with both sides having un-faded surfaces.
To sum up, the sleeve is in FANTASTICALY Beautiful Condition. Only ONE LP is offered in this sale.

The record disc has been enjoyed over the the decades and WILL have the expected faint scuffs and hairline marks. Key word is ' expected '.
There are ' Faint ' hairline scratches ( well,.,. it's 53 years old ) and scuffs. I have taken CRYSTAL clear photos to show what can be seen via a camera.
There is MY opinion below and there is any prospective buyers opinion, so most respectfully note that,
Opinions WILL definitely vary, please kindly view all photos with due diligence and arrive at your OWN opinion, before purchase.
My opinion: I grade the record as between VG+ and near MINT. It is an exceptional item in excellent condition.

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Please do NOT manipulate eBay buyer protection. Repeat: Please do NOT manipulate eBay buyer protection.
Please do not disparage or damage my reputation by alleging that item is NOT as described =
Ask any questions about item description that are not already answered by the description above, or the photos.

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