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Vinyl: Batman The Animated Series Vinyl Box Set Vol 1 Mondo Custom Handbill BTAS PCC DC Volume 1 Set Designed by Phantom City Creative, 6 print

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860.00 USD
400.00 USD
01 Aug 2020
27 Jul 2020
38 bids
United States
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Batman The Animated Series Vinyl Box Set Vol 1 With Custom Float Handbill BTAS, designed by Phantom City Creative

Please see image for full details of each item.

All frames were custom framed using a float technique, has spacers and black modern finish. Unique color matte that matches each character. Includes all 6 handbills. You can hang or stand each frame.

Also included is a Batman The Animated Series Boxset Volume 1, it was played only a few times and some vinyl never played.

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