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Vinyl: JOY DIVISION Original 1980 Ltd Ed LICHT UND BLINDHEIT Sordide Sentimental Single

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30 Jun 2020
30 May 2020
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United States
Joy Division
Sordide Sentimental
Punk/New Wave
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JOY DIVISION “LICHT UND BLINDHEIT”Original 1980 Sordide Sentimental Limited Edition 7" VinylSingle w/Inserts #000799


“LichtUnd Blindheit”

A. “Atmosphere”4:11

B. “Dead Souls”4:55

Limitededition #000799

Blacklabel with silver lettering

Matrixnumber SS 33002

Thisis the rare, original Joy Division single released by the Frenchlabel Sordide Sentimental on March 18, 1980 in a numbered editionlimited to 1,578 copies (SS33002). It is number 000799. Any versionavailable for sale without a number is not authentic! The fold-outpackaging is in French, but inserts include the original Englishtranslation of a prose piece reflecting on the concept of “LichtUnd Blindheit” (German for "Light and Blindness") alongwith a blue paper insert with the words "Avertissment" and"Gesamtkunstwerk".

Asidefrom minimal wear to be expected from being in storage since 1980 (ina protective sleeve), the fold-out packaging and inserts are inexcellent condition. The vinyl has only been played once and is innear mint condition. It comes with the original clear plastic slipcover that was available to American import copies (some Frenchdomestic copies featured a slip cover with Sordide Sentimentalprinted on it). Please note that the glue on the translucent paperpocket housing the single has dried and detached slightly on oneside. That appears to be common with all of the original pressings.There is also an ever so slight bend in the upper right corner of thefront cover of the tri-fold packaging, it’s not even a pronouncedcrease, much less a fold IMHO. Do not accept substitutes!