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Vinyl: Robert Johnson 78 Terraplane Blues / Kind Hearted Woman Perfect label - RARE!

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2,176.00 USD
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06 Mar 2020
28 Feb 2020
20 bids
United States
Robert Johnson
Perfect Records
Acoustic Blues Country Blues Delta Blues
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Robert Johnson 78 RPM record "Terraplane Blues" / "Kind Hearted Woman Blues" Perfect label - RARE!
Record has two chips on outer edge which do not affect the music. Combination photo shows either side of the chipped area. Both sides play fine although there is a notable amount of surface noise. There were only 900 copies printed on the Perfect label, Vocalion being the main label for this record. See photos for details, matrix and other numbers. Item will be appropriately packaged. I have experience with shipping 78 RPM records and fragile collectibles. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. Click on my video sample of the RJ Perfect 78 below. It should open in a new window.

Robert Johnson "Terraplane Blues" - YouTube

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