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CD: Classic Columbia and Okeh Benny Goodman Orchestra Sessions (1939-1958) (Mosaic M

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10 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019
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Benny Goodman
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A collector's box-set of 7 CD's of classic jazz recordings, Classic Columbia and Okeh Benny Goodman Orchestra Sessions (1939-1958) (Mosaic MD7-240).


An excellent copy of this rare out-of-print limited-edition box set of Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions, number 517 of an edition of 5,000. The set was imported directly from the United States by its one previous owner.

Mosaic specialises in licensing back-catalogue jazz recordings from major record labels and releasing them as beautifully produced multi-CD box sets. Each set is produced in a limited run, and once those are sold out will never be reproduced.

First released in 2008 this set contains many recordings made between 1939 and 1958. As well as 7 discs of classic jazz the set includes a fascinating full-size 32-page illustrated brochure with the background to these recordings, track list and list of performers.

The discs are in unmarked condition. The booklet and case inlays are in pristing condition as is the outer box

Track Listing

D01-01:Jumpin’ At The Woodside (A)Count Basie
D01-02:Stealin’ Apples (B)F. Waller-A. Razaf
D01-03:Boy Meets Horn (B)D. Ellington-R. Stewart
D01-04:Bolero (B)Maurice Ravel
D01-05:Spring Song (C)Mendelssohn-Goodman-Van Heusen
D01-06:Night And Day (C)Cole Porter
D01-07:Down By The Old Mill Stream (D)Telford Taylor
D01-08:Mozart Matriculates (E)Alec Templeton
D01-09:Let’s Dance (F)Baldridge-Stone-Bonime
D01-10:Beyond The Moon (G)Engvick-Hathaway-Mondello
D01-11:Honeysuckle Rose (G)F. Waller-A. Razaf
D01-12:Opus Local 802 (H)Fletcher Henderson
D01-13:Board Meeting (H)Hite-Brooks-Hampton-Goodman
D01-14:Zaggin’ With Zig (H)N. Bernardi-Z. Elman
D01-15:Can’t You Tell (I)Benny Goodman
D01-16:Squeeze Me (tk.-B) (I)F. Waller-C. Williams
D01-17:Cocoanut Grove (J)B. Goodman-G. Calender
D01-18:Jumpin’ At The Woodside (alt tk.-B) (A) Count Basie
D01-19:Stealin’ Apples (alt tk.-B) (B)F. Waller-A. Razaf
D01-20:Stealin’ Apples (alt tk.-D) (C)F. Waller-A. Razaf
D01-21:Night And Day (alt tk.-B) (C)Cole Porter
D01-22:Down By The Old Mill Stream (alt tk.-3) (D)Telford Taylor
D01-23:Down By The Old Mill Stream (alt tk.-2) (D)Telford Taylor
D01-24:Opus Local 802 (alt tk.-B) (H)Fletcher Henderson
D01-25:Squeeze Me (tk.-A) (I)F. Waller-C. Williams
D01-26:Cocoanut Grove (alt tk.-1) (J)B. Goodman-G. Calender
D02-01:The Hour Of Parting (K)G. Kahn-M. Spoliansky
D02-02:Crazy Rhythm (K)Meyer-Kahn-Caesar
D02-03:Who Cares (So Long As You Care For Me) (L)G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin
D02-04:Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby (L)F. Astaire-G. Shelley
D02-05:Nostalgia (M)Robert Stolz
D02-06:Henderson Stomp (N)Fletcher Henderson
D02-07:Benny Rides Again (N)Eddie Sauter
D02-08:Frenesi (O)A. Dominguez-L. Whitcup
D02-09:Superman (P)Eddie Sauter
D02-10:Moonlight On The Ganges (-1) (P)Ewing-Tilsley-Trevor
D02-11:Somebody Stole My Gal (Q)Leo Wood
D02-12:Let The Door Knob Hitcha (R)M. Gibson-B. Goodman
D02-13:The Hour Of Parting (alt tk.-1) (K)G. Kahn-M. Spoliansky
D02-14:Crazy Rhythm (alt tk.-3) (K)Meyer-Kahn-Caesar
D02-15:Who Cares (So Long As You Care For Me) (alt tk.-5) (L)G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin
D02-16:Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby (alt tk.-1) (L)F. Astaire-G. Shelley
D02-17:Benny Rides Again (alt tk.-3) (N)Eddie Sauter
D02-18:Superman (alt tk.-2) (P)Eddie Sauter
D02-19:Superman (alt tk.-3) (P)Eddie Sauter
D02-20:Moonlight On The Ganges (-3) (P)Ewing-Tilsley-Trevor
D02-21:Moonlight On The Ganges (-2) (P)Ewing-Tilsley-Trevor
D02-22:Somebody Stole My Gal (alt tk.-3) (Q)Leo Wood
D02-23:Let The Door Knob Hitcha (alt tk.-2) (R)M. Gibson-B. Goodman
D02-24:Let The Door Knob Hitcha (alt tk.-3) (R)M. Gibson-B. Goodman
D03-01:I’m Not Complainin’ (S)E. Sampson-A. Stillman
D03-02:Time On My Hands (S)Adamson-Gordon-Youmans
D03-03:Scarecrow (T)Benny Goodman
D03-04:Take It (U)Margie Gibson
D03-05:Solo Flight (U)Goodman-Christian-Mundy
D03-06:Intermezzo (V)H. Provost-R. Hemming
D03-07:Fiesta In Blue (V)B. Goodman-J. Mundy
D03-08:Cherry (V)Don Redman
D03-09:Something New (Negra Soy) (W)A. Gamse-N. Manendez
D03-10:Air Mail Special (W)Goodman-Christian-Mundy
D03-11:Don’t Be That Way (W)Goodman-Sampson-Parish
D03-12:Tuesday At Ten (X)Skip Martin
D03-13:La Rosita (X)G. Haenschen-L. O’Keefe
D03-14:I’m Not Complainin’ (S) (alt tk.-4)E. Sampson-A. Stillman
D03-15:I’m Not Complainin’ (S) (alt tk.-2)E. Sampson-A. Stillman
D03-16:Scarecrow (alt tk.-4) (T)Benny Goodman
D03-17:Scarecrow (alt tk.-3) (T)Benny Goodman
D03-18:Scarecrow (alt tk.-2) (T)Benny Goodman
D03-19:Take It (alt tk.-3) (U)Margie Gibson
D03-20:Take It (alt tk.-2) (U)Margie Gibson
D03-21:Solo Flight (alt tk.-2) (U)Goodman-Christian-Mundy
D03-22:Fiesta In Blue (alt tk.-2) (V)B. Goodman-J. Mundy
D03-23:Cherry (alt tk.-3) (V)Don Redman
D03-24:Cherry (alt tk.-2) (V)Don Redman
D03-25:Something New (Negra Soy) (alt tk.-2) (W)A. Gamse-N. Manendez
D03-26:Tuesday At Ten (alt tk.-1) (X)Skip Martin
D04-01:The Count (Y)T. Gordon-B. Moten
D04-02:Pound Ridge (Y)Benny Goodman
D04-03:The Birth Of The Blues (AA)Brown-DeSylva-Henderson
D04-04:The Earl (BB)Mel Powell
D04-05:Caprice XXIV Paganini (CC)Eddie Sauter
D04-06:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 31393-2) (CC)Benny Goodman
D04-07:I’m Here (CC)Mel Powell
D04-08:Roll ‘Em (Pt.1) (DD)Mary Lou Williams
D04-09:Roll ‘Em (Pt.2) (DD)Mary Lou Williams
D04-10:I’ll Get By (EE)F. Ahlert-R. Turk
D04-11:The Count (alt tk.-3) (Y)T. Gordon-B. Moten
D04-12:The Count (alt tk.-2) (Y)T. Gordon-B. Moten
D04-13:Pound Ridge (alt tk.-4) (Y)Benny Goodman
D04-14:Pound Ridge (alt tk.-3) (Y)Benny Goodman
D04-15:Pound Ridge (alt tk.-1) (Y)Benny Goodman
D04-16:The Birth Of The Blues (alt tk.-1) (Z)Brown-DeSylva-Henderson
D04-17:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 3980-4) (AA)Benny Goodman
D04-18:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 3980-3) (AA)Benny Goodman
D04-19:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 3980-2) (AA)Benny Goodman
D04-20:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 3980-1) (AA)Benny Goodman
D04-21:The Earl (alt tk.-?) (BB)Mel Powell
D04-22:The Earl (alt tk.-1) (BB)Mel Powell
D04-23:I’m Here (alt tk.-2) (CC)Mel Powell
D04-24:Clarinet A La King (mtx. 31393-4) (EE)Benny Goodman
D05-01:At The Darktown Strutters Ball (FF)Shelton Brooks
D05-02:Jersey Bounce (GG)Bradshaw-Bruce-Feyne-Johnson-Plater
D05-03:A String Of Pearls (HH)Jerry Gray
D05-04:Ramona (HH)W. Gilbert-M. Wayne
D05-05:Before (Rachmaninoff Special) (II)Rachmaninoff-Connelly-Camarata
D05-06:Peter And The Wolf (II)Sergei Prokofiev
D05-07:Six Flats Unfurnished (JJ)Richard Maltby
D05-08:After You’ve Gone (JJ)H. Creamer-T. Layton
D05-09:Mission To Moscow (KK)Mel Powell
D05-10:Love Walked In (LL)G & I Gershwin
D05-11:Clarinade (NN)Mel Powell
D05-12:Jersey Bounce (V-Disc tk.) (FF)Bradshaw-Bruce-Feyne-Johnson-Plater
D05-13:At The Darktown Strutters Ball (alt tk.-4) (FF)Shelton Brooks
D05-14:At The Darktown Strutters Ball (alt tk.-3) (FF)Shelton Brooks
D05-15:At The Darktown Strutters Ball (alt tk.-2) (FF)Shelton Brooks
D05-16:Jersey Bounce (alt tk.-4) (GG)Bradshaw-Bruce-Feyne-Johnson-Plater
D05-17:Jersey Bounce (alt tk.-3) (GG)Bradshaw-Bruce-Feyne-Johnson-Plater
D05-18:A String Of Pearls (alt tk.-3) (HH)Jerry Gray
D05-19:A String Of Pearls (alt tk.-2) (HH)Jerry Gray
D05-20:Ramona (alt tk.-3) (HH)W. Gilbert-M. Wayne
D05-21:Ramona (alt tk.-2) (HH)W. Gilbert-M. Wayne
D05-22:Ramona (BD) (HH)W. Gilbert-M. Wayne
D05-23:After You’ve Gone (alt tk -3) (JJ)H. Creamer-T. Layton
D05-24:After You’ve Gone (alt tk -2) (JJ)H. Creamer-T. Layton
D05-25:Mission To Moscow (alt tk -3) (KK)Mel Powell
D05-26:Mission To Moscow (alt tk -2) (KK)Mel Powell
D05-27:Love Walked In (alt tk.-1) (LL)G.&I. Gershwin
D06-01:Gotta Be This Or That (Pt.1) and (Pt. 2) (MM)Sunny Skylar
D06-02:Just You, Just Me (OO)J. Greer-R. Klages
D06-03:Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home (OO)C. Warfield-C. Williams
D06-04:Somebody Stole My Gal (PP)Leo Wood
D06-05:Lucky (alt tk.-1) (QQ)B. Goodman-E. Sampson
D06-06:Fascinating Rhythm (RR)G.&I. Gershwin
D06-07:Lucky (master -4) (SS)B. Goodman-E. Sampson
D06-08:Rattle And Roll (SS)Basie-Clayton-Goodman
D06-09:Swing Angel (TT)Clayton-Goodman
D06-10:Oh, Baby ! (Pt.1) (UU)Owen Murphy
D06-11:Oh, Baby ! (Pt.2) (UU)Owen Murphy
D06-12:Fly By Night (WW)Jack Pleis
D06-13:Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It (XX)C. Sigman-P. DeRose
D06-14:Benjie’s Bubble (YY)J. Bushkin-B. Goodman
D06-15:Gotta Be This Or That (Pt.1) (alt tk.-2) (MM)Sunny Skylar
D06-16:Gotta Be This Or That (Pt.2) (alt tk.-1) (MM)Sunny Skylar
D06-17:Lucky (alt tk.-2) (QQ)B. Goodman-E. Sampson
D06-18:Lucky (alt tk.-3) (SS)B. Goodman-E. Sampson
D06-19:Rattle And Roll (alt tk.-2) (SS)Basie-Clayton-Goodman
D06-20:Rattle And Roll (alt tk.-3) (SS)Basie-Clayton-Goodman
D06-21:Swing Angel (alt tk.-3) (TT)Clayton-Goodman
D06-22:Swing Angel (alt tk.-2) (TT)Clayton-Goodman
D06-23:Fly By Night (alt tk.-3) (VV)Jack Pleis
D07-01:Down South Camp Meetin’ (AAA)F. Henderson-I. Mills
D07-02:Mean To Me (AAA)R.Turk-F.Ahlert
D07-03:South Of The Border (AAA)M. Carr-J. Kennedy
D07-04:Muskat Ramble (AAA)Armstrong-Gilbert-Ory
D07-05:Lulu’s Back In Town (BBB)H. Warren-Al Dubin
D07-06:Star Dust (BBB)H. Carmichael-M. Parish
D07-07:Wrappin’ It Up (BBB)Fletcher Henderson
D07-08:King Porter Stomp (BBB)Jelly Roll Morton
D07-09:When Buddha Smiles (CCC)N. Brown-A. Freed
D07-10:Sunrise Serenade (CCC)F. Carle-J. Lawrence
D07-11:I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (FFF)F. Ahlert-J. Young
D07-12:My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms (FFF)J. Meyer-H. Ruby
D07-13:Wolverine Blues (GGG)Morton-Spikes-Spikes
D07-14:Back In Your Own Backyard (HHH)Jolson-Rose-Dreyer
D07-15:Swing Into Spring (HHH) J. Mercer-R. Swanson
D07-16:Swanee River (HHH)Stephen Foster
D07-17:I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (alt tk.-9) (FFF)F. Ahlert-J. Young
D07-18:Hora Staccato (ZZ)G. Dinicu-J. Heifetz
D07-19:Poor Butterfly (ZZ)J.L.Golden-R.Hubbell
D07-20:Moonglow (DDD)Hudson-DeLange-Mills
D07-21:Georgia On My Mind (DDD)H.Carmichael-S.Gorrell
D07-22:I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (DDD)H. Arlen-T. Koehler
D07-23:I Didn’t Know What Time It Was (DDD)R. Rodgers-L. Hart
D07-24:Goodbye (EEE)Gordon Jenkins
D07-25:Embraceable You (EEE)G. Gershwin-I Gershwin
D07-26:Lover, Come Back To Me (EEE)O.Hammerstein II-S.Romberg
D07-27:If I Had You (EEE)Campbell-Connelly-Shapiro

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