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Reel-to-reel: The Platters 60 Minutes of Golden Hits 7in 4T Reel Tape 3 3/4 ips Mercury TESTED

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24.95 USD
09 Nov 2019
16 Oct 2019
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United States
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The Platters
United States
R&B & Soul
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The Platters 60 Minutes of Golden Hits 7in 4T Reel Tape 3 3/4 ips Mercury TESTED
Getting back to the remainder of a tape library that was established at Camp Tien Sha Naval Support Activity Special Services Library in Da Nang, Vietnam. The library was moved to the School of Music at US Navphibase, Little Creek, VA where it operated till at least the end of the 80's. Some tapes were added to the library in Little Creek. I'll note that in each listing.

Because they were library tapes, they were adorned with stickers on the spine and front, stamps all over, library cards inside and er.... annotations from the military folk who played these, some in the argot of young military folk of the time in relaxation mode. I've removed the stickers from the front and spine, developing techniques on the copious quantity of 101 Strings tapes that came along for the ride. I've left the library cards inside for interest.

I'm not trying to attach any particular value to the history of these tapes, just letting you know, which in part explains the poor condition of some of the boxes. However they have done a good job protecting the reels.

Because of the journey these tapes have been on, I've run them all from beginning to end, sampling playing on both sides at multiple places. In truth I've listed to all of many of these - they're typically the music of my teens. The reject pile is growing and will be listed in due course with notes on what I've found. I haven't rejected a tape for a single issue - a glitch near the beginning, a single splice or a short stretched section, perhaps a couple of seconds max. I've also included a few tapes missing a short section at the beginning, providing it doesn't affect the end of side 2 also, maximum 30 seconds. All defects are noted in the condition statement.

I have not included any tapes that I would not enjoy listening to, however if you find something I've missed that spoils it for you or you just aren't happy listening to that glitch during the intro to something or other, please request a return at my expense, no questions asked. Note that I can only offer this within areas served by USPS Media Mail. Elsewhere the standard ebay return policy will apply - if I don't describe it correctly, including missing an issue that offends, it's my problem, not yours.


Starting to work through the Soul and R&B, plus some Pop and Country and Jazz.....

This is The Platters 60 Minutes of Golden Hits, a double album on one tape, on Mercury MEF 60252, recorded in 4 track stereo at 3 3/4 ips, mastered and duplicated by Ampex, with no issues noted during my thorough listening test.

This quality tape will be shipped carefully packed via Media Mail or Priority Mail at your choice.

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