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Cassette: Lotus Flowers by Origami Girl (Cassette, PLUS100 +035) vaporwave

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18 Jul 2019
20 Apr 2019
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United States
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Origami Girl
United States
Dance & Electronica
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Lotus Flowers by Origami Girl (Cassette, PLUS100 +035) vaporwave
You are looking at a limited run vaporwave cassette: Lotus Flowers by Origami Girl. This was purchased straight from PLUS100 and has never been played. Would love to have kept, but am in need of minimizing my tape collection. Here's your chance to add this one to yours! Original cassette, insert, and case are present and in tip-top mint condition. The cassette does not have shrinkwrap. If you have any questions that are not answered here in the listing, feel free to ask us. We will respond at our earliest convenience!


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