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Vinyl: Beatles White Album UK 1968 MONO 1st Press *NEAR MINT*

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10 Aug 2018
03 Aug 2018
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
United Kingdom
British Invasion Rock 'n' Roll
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*** Once upon a time, I worked in a museum. So I know quite a bit about collections stewardship and preservation. All rare Beatles records I will be listing on ebay over the next few weeks come from my personal, meticulously tended private collection maintained in quiet, light-controlled, climate controlled archival-type setting in a clean, pet-free, smoke-free home. ***

It is highly likely you won't see many other Beatles releases here on ebay as clean and impeccable as those I am currently offering. They all follow, strictly to the letter, the condition reports I prepare, and more – and they are all guaranteed to be just as nice as anything you will see offered by high profile sellers like Perry Cox and Parlogram. How do I know this? Because I bought my stuff from them, and have given all of it the white-glove treatment ever since.

And with a no-quibble return policy, you can’t go wrong. All you’ll be out is the shipping fees if you want to return an item. But – hear me now, believe me later – once you have this piece in your possession, you won’t want to return it.

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THE BEATLES – The Beatles ("White Album")
1968 U.K. Apple Double LP PMC 7067/68
Mono pressing / Mono dedicated mix
Embossed cover and numbered No. 0101842
Includes poster and individual photos of John, Paul, George, and Ringo

Up for your consideration is an original, numbered 1968 Beatles White Album U.K. Apple double LP – in MONO, 50 years after it left the factory.

All rare Beatles records I will be listing on ebay over the next few weeks come from a meticulously tended private collection maintained in a climate controlled, pet-free, smoke-free home. I do not keep any junk in my stacks – therefore I won't be offering any junk. Send me a message to see what else is coming up very soon.



Photography caveat: Obviously, I am not a professional photographer. First, I left the sleeve and the inners in their clear, mylar protectors for the photography. In the photos, there may appear to be "spots" and hazy areas, but these anomalies are caused by reflections and are NOT on the sleeve or the records themselves. Rest assured – this piece, when you are holding it in your hands, is absolutely impressive – it is so amazingly clean, and free of the dirt, stains, and pervasive yellowing that so often plague this set. The pictures don't do it justice!

Overall grade : **NEAR MINT**

This exquisite 1968 UK 1st MONO pressing on the dark green Apple labels: PMC 7067 & PMC 7068. All labels carry the 'Sold in UK..' texts but omit the 'An EMI Recording' text found on slightly later editions. A 'KJT' tax/price code is visible in the centre of the side 3 label.

The discs are housed in a thick card stock, fully laminated, top-loading Garrod & Lofthouse printed mono cover numbered: No.0101842.

This copy is 100% complete with both its matt black die-cut inner­ sleeves, 4 colour portrait photos, matt UK printed poster & white paper photo spacer.

Matrix numbers: XEX 709-1, 710-1 & XEX 711-1, 712-1
Stamper numbers: 33,3/T, 2/P & 2/RL, 4/TO
Disc weights:
1. 140g
2. 154g


Disc 1


An extremely bright & clean pair with just a handful of tiny spindle marks around each centre-hole.

Visual: NEAR MINT (both sides)

This incredible, immaculate disc appears 100% 'as new' and MINT upon careful inspection in strong daylight. Both surfaces retain all of their deep-gloss shine with no dull or cloudy areas, groove-whitening or indeed any visual blemishes of any kind. Careful examination directly under a bright halogen desk lamp reveals literally just one or two barely visible wispy paper hairlines but absolutely no scratches, scuffs, bag-rash or any other wear. Both sides lie 100% flat on the turntable with no signs or dishing or warping.

You won't find a better looking disc 1 from this set.

Top sounding copies of this LP (especially disc 1), are extremely hard to find, but from the silent run-in on side 1 & clean fade-in to 'Back In The USSR', it is clear that this disc has been barely played. All songs on side 1 play perfectly cleanly & clearly - even the delicate crossfade into 'Dear Prudence' plays without any background crackle or interference here or anywhere else on this disc. Careful play-check at volume found no evidence of any groove/play wear to any track with even the easily damaged solo in 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' retaining all its power & clarity. There are no problems on Side 2 where its delicate, easily worn tracks: 'Martha My Dear', 'Blackbird' & 'Julia', all play beautifully, cleanly & clearly with no ticks, clicks, peakwear or background noise.

Highly doubtful it would be possible to upgrade this disc.

Disc 2


Another beautiful set (slightly textured for some reason), with just 2 tiny spindle marks to each centre-hole.

Visual: Side 3: NEAR MINT / Side 4: EXCELLENT

Again, both surfaces are extremely clean, bright & glossy. Side 3 is immaculate & completely unmarked in strong daylight. Side 4 is too, apart from a single 2cm light surface mark (across "Revolution #9") which cannot be felt or affects the sound in any way. Careful inspection directly under a bright halogen desk lamp reveals just a sparkling deep gloss shine & just a few, barely visible light marks from the back inners, but no hairlines or any other wear. Both sides of this disc also lie 100% flat on the turntable with no signs or dishing or warping.


As with disc 1, the silent run-in on side 3 is an clear & truthful indicator that this copy has barely been near a turntable in the past 50 years. All of the loud tracks on this side play perfectly loud & clear with no traces of groove/playwear to any song or either channel. Even the exquisite 'Mother Nature's Son' plays completely without interference and the final crescendo chord on 'Long, Long, Long' is totally unworn. Side 4 is its equal with just a hint of background on the run-in, but this does no spoil the listening experience in any way.
There are no other audible faults of any kind anywhere on this wonderful copy.


This impressive example has been carefully & correctly stored for the past 41 years is a clean, non-smoking environment - and it shows. Both front & rear panels are clean, glossy and most importantly, white with no discolouration or staining to any part. Both retain a complete high-gloss laminate which bears no creasing or 'thumbnails' even remains fully intact over the raised 'THE BEATLES' wording & displays clean, complete number. The lower corners have minor shelfwear bruising but no heavy bumps or damage to any. All of the top-opening edges are straight & clean with no 'pushes', tears or feathering. The inside of the gatefold is totally 'as new' with no blemishes or wear to any part. The spine is clean and unbent with just three small area of splitting to the laminate split, but all of the text is covered and undamaged. All of the seams are strong & smooth with no missing/flaking laminate or any splits or stresses.

Inner-sleeves: EXCELLENT MINUS

Clean & intact with just minor storagewear and a small side seam split to each but no damage to the centre-hole or upper edges.

Photos: MINT

All are as new.

Photo Spacer: EXCELLENT

Clean & white with just a faint water stain to one corner but no creasing or tears.


Clean, crisp & white, this copy has opened just a few times but never hung. All folds are intact and there is no foxing or discolouration to any area.

And it really goes without saying, but just to clarify:
  • No mold
  • No dirt
  • No funky smells
  • No warping
  • No ring wear
  • No edge wear
  • No seam splits
  • No foxing
  • No dings
  • Not a reissue
  • Not a counterfeit



Double-packed shipping is a flat $25.00, and will be by Parcel Force International Priority (outside the UK) or Royal Mail First Class (inside the UK), insured and signed for. For sales outside the U.K., your phone number is required for the Airbill.

I only ship to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Ireland and a few other EU countries, and Japan.



Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your purchase because you feel it did not match the item description, please (five) days of signed receipt. The buyer must bear all costs and responsibility of safely returning the item – in SAME CONDITION SENT and similarly packed. I do not refund shipping charges on returns, in either direction.


FINALLY: Please know thatI conduct all my business here on ebay with the highest integrity. I think it only fair that I expect the same from you, the buyer. This means if you are an ethically challenged person, please take your business elsewhere.


You can also check my excellent seller feedback over at Discogs (user name: INTERSTELLAR_VINYL) and over at Steve Hoffman Music Forums (user name: 1970).

Please ask questions, which I will be happy to answer as quickly as I can. I can also provide more images upon request.

Thank you for looking, and happy bidding.



I have done my best to provide an accurate description of this item at the time it was listed. Sometimes, a typographical error takes place, or a flaw detail may be inadvertently overlooked. Since ebay does not allow item description changes after the first bid, I will disclose any material changes in the item description before the invoice is issued. This way, the purchaser will have the option of cancelling the sale by mutual agreement and with no dispute. Both prospective and active bidders always have the option of requesting item description updates before the auction closes. These updates, if any, will then be posted in the Questions and Answers section.