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Cassette: Queen The Miracle RARE Cassette

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14 Aug 2019
05 May 2018
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United Kingdom
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Queen The Miracle RARE Cassette
This is the rare cassette album of Queen The Miracle. The cassette comes complete with sleeve and features 22 tracks. Both the cassette and sleeve are in reasonable condition with some wear to the case, and some damage to the plastic on the case. This item is now rare and hard to find. A must for any serious collector. Tracks include: I Want It All, Rain Must Fall, The Invisible Man, Breakthru, The Miracle, Scandal, My Baby Does Me, Party, Khashoggi's Ship, Was It All Worth It, Hang On In There, The Invisible Man (12" Version), Chinese Torture, Hammer To Fall, One Vision, A Kind of Magic, Princess of the Universe, Man On The Prowl, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, One Year Of Love, & Friends Will Be Friends.