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U-matic Video: Beatles John Lennon George Harrison- Film Outtakes Reel 45 min- never released

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690.00 USD
690.00 USD
21 May 2016
14 May 2016
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United States
The Beatles
U-matic Video
Rock & Pop
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This is 45:21 minutes of raw unedited film footage of John Lennon and
George Harrison in a recording session for "Oh My Love" of the "Imagine"

Small excerpts from this were used in the Imagine movie, but this is the
entire unreleased session from John and George tuning their instruments
to reaching a near complete arrangement after multiple takes.

These are continuous camera reels with no editing. Professionally shot
raw footage. There is a small visual time code window at the bottom
of the screen.

Contents include:

1- Lennon listens to playback of "Imagine" in studio control room.
Dialogue between Lennon and engineer. (1:35 min.)

2- Lennon and Harrison eat lunch, engage in funny dialogue. Only a small
part of this material was used in the Imagine film. (5:20 min.)

3- "Oh My Love" session. John on piano, George on guitar. Multiple takes
as they work out the arrangement. (38:09 min.) Includes moments
where John works out piano part for "Mind Games" as well.

To see a short sample, please copy and paste this YouTube link into your browser:


What you get:

-- The original U-Matic 3/4" tape.
-- An MOV file of the tape on a flash drive- 720 x 480 DV/DVCPRO-NTSC
This is a priceless and rare collectible for the consummate Beatle fan.