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Vinyl: Elvis Presley-Rock N Roll No 2 1957 1st Press HMV Lp Uk Issue

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250.00 GBP
08 Apr 2021
01 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Elvis Presley
United Kingdom
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Elvis Presley-Rock N Roll No 2 1957 1st Press HMV Lp Uk Issue. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail next Day Delivery.

Mega rare album by elvis Presley on hmv records CLP 1105 mono.

Vinyl in vg clean condition with several light scratches which are fine and some hairline removal lines when held to a bright light, no deep horrible gauges, vinyl still retains its super deep shine and plays fully with no jumps or repeats but sadly some light ticks on both sides and sadly static can be heard, maybe a deep clean may relieve some of the static.

Fully laminated album cover vg,front has a tiny tear to the lp opening edge, sellotape residue to opening edge, rear top flap has a snap piece missing, top seem has started to split, spine has sone wear and text rubbed away, at least no writing.

1st press hmv labels with hipper dog logo and deep ridge ex, no writing or tears.

1st press machine stamped matrix,

Side 1 G2-WP-7207-2N also machine stamped 1GR

Side 2 G2-WP-7208-1N also machine stamped 1GO