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CD: Glenn Miller The Missing Chapters Vol 1, 5, 7, 9 Military Recordings

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25.00 USD
25.00 USD
15 Nov 2020
09 Nov 2020
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United States
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Glenn Miller
United States
Big Band/Swing
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Glenn Miller The Missing Chapters Vol 1, 5, 7, 9 Military Recordings
Have a great many CD's and LPs and do not wish to spend a lifetime typing information and selling one by one. In the future come back to this site to see future groups of CD's and LP's. The main focus will be on Jazz and Classical. These and all that I will sell on eBay are from my personal collection.
This group is Glenn Miller they are Vols. 1, 5, 7, 9. Vol. 1 is a two disc album. This is another auction I am doing by itself just Glenn Miller. Because of the nature of the recordings. If it does not sell after a couple of tries I will combine with others to put in a larger group. So please check back once in awhile.
At this point I would like to state that I do not receive returns because of the practice of some to buy to record. One incident that I call typical is when I sold a super rare $1,000 record to a man in Chine. It was returned saying that it was defective in so and so minute on each side. I had played it before sending and played it again after I got it back. It was prefect. I later sold it with no problems. I refund and ban those buyers from buying again from me. I mention this because I have been collecting records since the 50's and know much about record collecting. Besides I have high end gear on which to play them. This and great care when playing records keeps them safe. I would say the same for CDs I inspect and play before sending.

With that said, I think the price on this and all other records I will sell are reasonable. Your bid will be canceled if you do not have a history of buying Music or have a negative feedback from sellers