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Vinyl: The Beatles - Revolver - Mono - 1st Pressing - PMC 7009 - 1966.

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16 Sep 2020
09 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
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The Beatles - Revolver - Mono - 1st Pressing - PMC 7009 - 1966.

The Beatles - Revolver - Mono PMC 7009 . 1966

Side 1 Matrix: XEX 605 - 2

Side 2 Matrix: XEX 606 - 3.

1st Pressing but NOT Side 2 XEX 606 -1.
This pressing is WITHOUT the rare Remix 11 of Tomorrow Never Knows.

K/T Tax Code on side 1.

Doctor Robert title instead of Dr. Robert.

Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd., London sleeve.

Not the original inner sleeve.

Condition is Used.
Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

The front cover is lovely and shiny.

The back cover is also lovely apart from some ink initials partially rubbed out on the O of REVOLVER.

Side 1. The vinyl has 2 scratches 1 of which clicks on I’m Only Sleeping and 1 that clicks near the end of Yellow Submarine. (See Photo) The scratches look worse than they actually are and are not loud. There are no jumps.

Side 2. The vinyl has 1 small feelable scratch on Good Day Sunshine that is audible (but not intrusive) for about 20 seconds and 2 small unfeelable scratches that do not sound. (See Photo) There are no skips or jumps.