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Vinyl: SMALL FACES Ogden's Nut Gone Flake 12" Vinyl LP Orig. UK Press Circular Sleeve

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175.00 AUD
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175.00 AUD
19 Apr 2020
09 Apr 2020
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Small Faces
Immediate Records
United Kingdom
Rock & Pop
Psychedelic Rock Mod
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This is as new unique circular record sleeve. I played this LP twice only. Once to listen to, the second time to put it on a tape for my Walkman. It is as new condition. Sleeve and record are without marks as it lived in a plastic sleeve, stored horizontally all its life since 1968 ! What an amazing time to be alive! As the saying goes: If you can remember the 1960-1970 you were not quite there. I certainly had moments of memories loss! The best thing was introducing my children to that musical wonderland the 60-70ies

I also have a Small faces History Of British Pop “best of THE Small faces”.
A LP That I bought in The Nederlands around 1971. Also in a good condition but not as mint as the Ogden. A rare white label.

If I receive the right monies for the Ogden Nut Gone Flake I shall include the second LP as a bonus bundle.

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