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8-Track cartridge: Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Quad 8-track tape & free CD (DTS)

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40.00 USD
40.00 USD
04 Apr 2020
30 Mar 2020
1 bid
United States
Very Good
8-Track cartridge
Columbia Quad-8
United States
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Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Quad 8-track tape & free CD (DTS)
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Quad 8-track tape is in Very Good condition. Shipped with Priority Mail.
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Quad 8-Track Tape CAQ 32872. The tapes and cartridge are in very good condition. The tapes plays very well.

Also Included: Free DTS-CD of this recording. To preserve this tape I’ve had this recording backed-up on DTS-CD using the best transfer techniques. The technique uses the source tape loaded onto an 8-track reel to reel. The reel to reel tape transport is much smoother than the 8-track cartridge. The quad 8-track tape plays on the reel to reel player to computer software that converts the recording to DTS. The Quad tape is only 4-channel, therefore the center and Subchannels are not used. The computer software files are then copied to a CD. This CD can be play on a DVD player that has a digital output plugged into a Surround Sound Home Theater system. The sound much smoother clearer than when it plays on an 8-track player. This CD will not play correctly in a Stereo CD player.