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Vinyl: MICHELE AUCLAIR Debussy Ravel violin sonatas french discophiles DF 525122 LP

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2,429.00 USD
2,429.00 USD
01 Mar 2020
01 Mar 2020
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Michele Auclair
Les Discophiles Français
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Michele Auclair plays
Claude Debussy & Maurice Ravel

Debussy, Sonata for violin and piano
Ravel, Sonata for violin and piano

Michele Auclair, violin Jacqueline Bonneau, piano

Recorded by Andre Charlin

Les Discophiles Français, 525.122, White, orange & black lettering, "France without Alsace" original mono* label, 10" record

Flipback no laminated cover
Made in France - French

Conditions :
  • Record condition : EX(ultra slight surface marks made by paper inner sleeve; has visual hairlines. It plays NM. Beautiful and natural sound image. Very clear & dynamic sound.)
  • Cover condition : EX (ultra slight wear marks; slightly yellowed, near perfect)
* About mono records, please note:
The mono records are made to be listened only with a appropriate mono equipment.
A 25µm or 28µm stylus diameter and proper tracking force according your mono cartridge technical specifications.

The records will be sent from Paris, France

This record : 170 grams + Package weight : 250 grams

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DF 525122