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Reel-to-reel: Ray Conniff Say It With Music reel to reel 7 1/2 ips

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40.00 USD
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09 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019
18 bids
United States
Very Good
United States
New Age & Easy Listening
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Ray Conniff Say It With Music reel to reel 7 1/2 ips
This auction is for an open reel tape of Ray Conniff, Say It With Music. The box has moderate shelf wear, but is in over all very good condition. The tape, due to age, has a ripple for about the first three tracks. Fortunately, the sound quality is still superb. Album has excellent engineering. The reel is the original Columbia imprinted reel, not the later generic reels. Due to the ripple, the tape is not wound in a perfectly smooth pack for the entirety. Only half way, as can be seen in the photo. Tape plays at 7.5 ips. Bid with confidence.