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Vinyl: Beatles please please me stereo gold MTZ very 1st pressing Dick James exellent . Beatles stereo gold 1-G and 2-g holy Grail. MTZ

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22 Sep 2019
15 Sep 2019
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
Angus Mcbean
United Kingdom
British Invasion
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The Beatles: A black/gold label stereo pressing of the album 'Please Please Me',

Parlophone PCS 3042, Type 1 cover printed by E. J. Day & Co. Ltd. with Angus McBean front cover photo credit aligned with second 's' of 'songs', spine uncrushed/undamaged with all text clearly legible, original inner sleeve with 'Use Emitex...' text, Dick James Mus. Co. publishing credits to labels, Side 1 centre with MZT tax code, matrix no. YEX 94-1

First of all this lp is in overal in exellent condition with the sleeve and the record keeping its increadable gloss shean.

Everyone who collects these please please me stereo gold lp knows how rare and how valuble they are and do not come up for sle that often.

I have 100% feed back and do not write tons of writting on this lp when everyone knows whats the collectable values are.

The description is the very first stereo gold 1n and 1g on the run off. It has the first MTZ on the centre hole and the holes themself show the record has had minimal play time. The lables are shiny and still has exellent gold leaf lettering still on the record lables both sides and not like some where the gold leaf has detatched.

The disc itself shows some faint hairline marks but i have played the record through both sides and it plays great.
This is an oppertunity to buy an exellent copy of this iconic Beatles please please me stereo gold.

(The inner sleeve)
Not all inner sleeves are the same if you look at the standard Beatles records you will find the eminex sleeve is thinner than the stereo gold inner sleeve, This has a crease on one corner but it is the thick oridgional inner sleeve.

( The cover itself )
You will see it is in exellent condition with no writting or damage . It has the small laminate creasing in a couple of places but the over all condition is exellent and retained this lovely glossy sheen look as you can see in the picture.

(The lp vinyl)
This is the thick 33 Lp from the 1960s , it has no warping no writting and very little hole where . It is one of the very first copies to be released and has the number 1 on the left run off at 9oclock and the g on the right hand side at 3oclock, And on the other side 1 on the 9 oclock and the Centre it has the MTZ and this is one of the very first copies to come off the production line.
The disc itself has a few hairline marks on both sides but does not effect the playing and i have played it myself both sides and it sounds great vg+. Most of these records you will find will have some form of age related markes and think about the age of a record and being taken in and out of the sleeve will have some wispery marks. if you find a true mint copy you will be going above £10.000 mark.This copy is exellent.

packing ....
This lp will be fully packed in a very safe way.and with lots of care to insure its safe arrival to you.

(Insurance and post)
Please be aware unless collected in person this lp will have to be shipped fully insured, This may cost as much as £180 depending on where it is going. Please ask before any forign purchasers and any one with low feed back please send me a message to see if bidding is ok.
The purcaser will be fully rosponsible for the safe return fully insured in the event of a return, But i am sure you will love this lp.
it is also advertised in other places so i have the rights to cancel the auction in the event it is sold.

Also please be advised if the record does not make a sensile amount before the one day before end i may just remove it from Ebay due to their rules you can not remove an auction if it has less than one day to go.

so please bid early before this time.
low start price ...
good luck...
If payment is not paid within 3 days then i have the rights to relist or offer it to the second bidder. any form of payment accepted.
Sorry no out of ebay sale unless via my other adverts.