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95.00 USD
95.00 USD
19 Sep 2019
13 Aug 2019
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United States
Analogue Productions / QRP
United States
Progressive/Art Rock
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For your Audiophile Consideration (Photo's are actual record being offered):

Artist: Yes

Title: Fragile

Cover/Jacket Condition and Grade: NM

Vinyl Condition and Grade: NM

Playgrade (unsealed only): Strong NM-/ to VG+ (VG+ ONLY because there may be a slight tick or slight surface "somewhere" here or there for the discerning audiophile on your system). Wax visual NM. See notes in "Condition Description." Sounds FANTASTIC on our system!

Record Label: Analogue Productions / Quality Record Pressings (QRP)

Catalog Number or Limited Edition Number (left blank if not applicable): 2012 AAPP - 7211

Additional Attributes, condition, and specifics: Very nice audiophile copy! 2012 REMASTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER ANALOG TAPES BY STEVE HOFFMAN & KEVIN GRAY AT ACOUS TECH MASTERING.


During our vinyl enthusiast journey spanning 4 decades, we have been avid collectors of fine vinyl and WE HAVE ONLY ALLOWED THE BEST POSSIBLE COLLECTIBLE VINYL TO ENTER OUR COLLECTION. PERIOD. We are VERY, VERY PICKY (like you!) and are VERY SELECTIVE. If you are looking for the best vinyl & ethically sound practices, NO WORRY PACKAGING - look no further. This is not only our main hobby, but also a passion for fine audiophile pressings and equipment. It is a long process to part with some of our many duplicates, one of a kind, “babies”, some are play copies – and offer the best of the best. We still enjoy collecting, but at the same time try to downsize our record cabinets.

They have been stored carefully, upright, smoke free, and ALL in protective sleeves in secured custom made cabinets.


We use Goldmine standards for guidance; the record carries almost all the value weight, and the cover too has utmost significant importance in defining price. Our time is valuable, like yours, and it is our goal to provide the best experience with your vinyl purchase. Please see our feedback – we have not had any issues with defects from opened sealed/OOP records for your comfort level. In over 180 high $$ audiophile record transactions, we have had only PRAISES about our grading, and folks LOVE our packaging methods.

Near Mint (NM) is the highest grade we use for sealed or unsealed. We have “rarely” seen anything in life that is “mint.”

UNSEALED/OPENED : Our unsealed “play-grade” is conservative, (in our humble opinion) detailed, & concise utilizing a VPI Classic 1; JMW 12/3 Tonearm; Ortofon Quintet BRONZE MC Cart @ 2.3 grams.

SEALED: Grading for these collectible and/or sealed records are only for the outer cover/jacket only, since we cannot determine grade for something that is not open. In these instances for these collectible SEALED RECORDS, we are offering a sealed pressing with flaws/defects indicated on the cover only, if any. This is a standard amongst the vinyl community.


All unopened records are “play ready” and will have been cleaned using Mobile Fidelity products “Deep Clean” and “Superwash” and our methodology to keep the record in pristine condition.

PAYMENT : Payment is due immediately after "BUY IT NOW" or within 24 hours of auction end.


We use brand new proper Whiplash LP mailers on most purchases, they cost $1.25 each and are included in the shipping & handling costs. At our discretion we may use a different box to ensure safe arrival.

- OPENED VINYL: your vinyl will be packaged well, in a LP mailer (similar or better) ;-). Rest assured it will be well protected, and if it is an unsealed record, it will be shipped outside of the jacket to avoid seam splits and sandwiched between oversized stiffeners. Sometimes we ship in an older jacket to further protect your purchase .

- SEALED RECORDS: we do not open and will be reinforce tightly to ensure safe arrival, and ensure record does not “shift” while in transit, which results in unwanted seam splits. Our packaging methods eliminates that worry!

- PHOTOGRAPH PACKAGING – We photograph all packaging steps and send them to you after we print the shipping label to protect both parties while in transit.

- COMBINING SHIPPING – We can combine shipping on a case-by-case basis, depending on where it’s going and grand total. Did you know that if your package becomes injured by the carrier while in transit that have multiple combined records, the carrier will want you to surrender the ENTIRE package contents only if 1 record is damaged? That’s why we use discretion on high dollar vinyl and we will work with you on the shipping costs if we determine they will be shipped separately.


Insurance protects your purchase against the CARRIER if THEY are negligible and damage it while in transit. If that happens, please be patient when you file the claim. You must let the carrier & us know that day of receipt if there is visible damage to the outer box. WE do OUR job and package it well (REST ASSURED OUR PACKAGING WONT BE AN ISSUE – WE USE THE BEST METHODS & BEST LP MAILERS). Insurance is INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING PRICE TO protect both parties interests!


SEALED RECORDS – No returns for buyers remorse. There are no returns once you unseal or breach any part of the security seal unless, of course, it was described in the auction as having such defect. They are irreplaceable. We can’t control or warranty sealed records from the factory that we have no control over and/or are out of business (e.g.; Classic Records OOP, MFSL OOP, Out Of Print records, Collectible Out Of print, etc.) – it’s the chance we all take in the vinyl world for Sealed/OOP vinyl. If you find our description was grossly different than what was described, contact us first to rectify it with reasons and details. After our review we find it was our oversight, we will do our best to make it right. The Sealed Record (‘s) must be returned exactly as packaged & as described on eBay. To protect all parties, we will video/photo the return while opening especially if damage present on outside.

UNSEALED RECORDS : No returns for buyers remorse. business days after receipt with the specific reason for the return request. If it was due to our oversight after we received your reasons, business days and we will provide a return shipping label via email after we review the details and approve the RMA– that easy. We do photograph all records and details before shipping & receiving, including the packaging process so it protects all parties in case of any unforeseen problems.

(To Recap on sealed records: For Out of Print (OOP)/ Collectible/SEALED LP’S - ONCE OPENED AND OR RECIEVED - it is IRREPLACEABLE and therefore NOT RETURNABLE. In these instances of a SEALED RECORD, we are offering a sealed pressing with flaws/defects indicated on the cover only, if any. Please note that in case of pressing flaws we cannot accept a return or replace it with another copy, since the auction is graded on the outer jacket/cover only – we cannot grade something we cannot see. Most sellers offer a “No return Policy” for these same collectible records. This is the process we all take when buying sealed/out of print collectibles, whether it is vinyl or other fine collectibles. Thank you for your understanding.)


READ THE USPS CLAIM PROCEDURES BEFORE YOU RECEIVE YOUR VINYL PACKAGE: Please click on the following links below to know the procedures in the event of a USPS MISHAP/DAMAGE CLAIM PRIOR TO ARRIVAL OF YOUR VINYL RECORD. Most people don’t know this, but if the buyer (and seller) are not familiar with the US Postal Service's strict "terms & conditions" of insurance claims, they will deny the claim if they are not followed to a tee- and the insurance becomes invalid. First: retain ALL packing materials, all receipts, and make note of damage upon arrival to USPS and to us. Take photos of packaging and interior, and damage of record. Read USPS "filing a domestic claim" & "regulations" before your vinyl arrives and after if you need to file a claim.