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Vinyl: David Bowie Images 1966-67 LP UK German 1st Press [Ex/Vg+]

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13 Jan 2021
27 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
David Bowie
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David Bowie Images 1966-67 LP UK German 1st Press [Ex/Vg+]
An original German 1st press of IMAGES from 1973. The heavy-set vinyl comes housed in an original gatefold cover. We will house in two poly-lined Decca inner sleeves.
Vinyl (Ex/Ex-) In lovely condition and have only seen relatively light use. Under close inspection I can only make out a couple of very light marks per side - nothing remotely troublesome. A thorough testing from beginning to end reveals a mostly EXCELLENT level of playback. Intros and inbetweens are very nice and quiet and the audio comes across with super clarity. By and large a very nice clean player across four sides. You might detect a few crackles in a couple of isolated moments per side, and the odd isolated tick - but this is pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things. This is a clean player and does a fab job of rendering these low-key early Bowie tracks with aplomb.

Cover (Vg+) These white cover are a pain to find in decent order but this particularly seems to have survived in great condition. Front and back are in very good order with only lightest handling. The interior is unlaminated and has aged a tad in one or two spots - bit nothing overtly obvious. Edge wear is relatively light and the spine is well preserved. Overall the cover retains excellent rigidity.

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