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Vinyl: Lady GaGa - The remix RARE vinyl. FREE US SHIPPING! Great shape, classic mixes.

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55.86 USD
54.86 USD
06 Sep 2020
01 Sep 2020
2 bids
United States
Lady Gaga
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Lady GaGa - The remix RARE vinyl. FREE US SHIPPING!! Great shape, classic mixes..

Slight seam damage to top from previous owner storing the vinyl incorrectly, it's been stored out of the sleeve since purchase in 2015. It took YEARS for me to find this copy. There is corner dings as well, all of this you can see in the pics as well as a 2 in sharpie across the barcode.

Vinyl is in fantastic shape.

This is the copy you've been looking for.

Ships FREE in the US, US shipping ONLY via media mail.