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Vinyl: EXTREMELY RARE Enigma LADY GAGA Las Vegas vinyl baseball cap from Haus of Gaga

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159.50 USD
49.95 USD
19 Jul 2020
12 Jul 2020
17 bids
United States
Lady Gaga
Rock & Pop
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Extremely Rare LADY GAGA Enigma Las Vegas vinyl baseball cap Haus of Gaga. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.
This hat was purchased at the Haus of Gaga in Las Vegas, Nevada while LADY GAGA's ENIGMA residency was open. This was a limited item that you cannot purchase anywhere else! The words Lady Gaga and Enigma appear on this adjustable baseball cap in raised Green letters.

This hat is in Like New condition. It was worn once and stored since October 2019. There are some dust marks on the shiny vinyl on the back of the hat that most likely can be removed. Since this material is foreign to us, we did not want to accidentally damage it.

We hope this hat makes some Little Monster very happy!