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Vinyl: FRACTION - Moon Blood - ORIG PSYCH GRAIL - 1971 - Angelus WR 5005 - RARE LISTEN!

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3,000.00 USD
3,000.00 USD
03 Mar 2020
01 Mar 2020
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United States
United States
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Extremely rare Christian Psych record up for sale. Only 200 copies were ever pressed of this one and the rumor is that it was recorded in 1 take over the course of 3 hours in Glendale, Ca back in 1971. Incredibly hard to find due to the actual rarity. This has the the WR-5005 matrix showing that it is the original copy.
Cover has the translucent red window which highlights the moon inner sleeve. Very reminiscent of the Doors L.A. Woman cover from the same time period. Small split on top right corner as shown in the picture but otherwise solid shape with light wear. Inner sleeve shows light creasing and couple marks on the lyric side as shown in the pics.

Please listen below to the clips to get a sense of the song quality. Vinyl graded VG showing surface marks and plays with some background noise mostly evident during quiet moments. No deep gouges or skips. The sound quality will be better obviously playing it on your home system. This was transferred using a usb turntable directly into a computer which tends to highlight the high frequencies.

Come Out of Her:
Eye of the Hurricane:

Sons Come to Birth:
This Bird (Sky-High):