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Vinyl: 45 Single 7" - Carroll James Interview with the Beatles Feb 11, 1964 Near Mint-

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14 Feb 2020
12 Feb 2020
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The Beatles
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Artist & Album Title : Carroll James Interview with the Beatles February 11, 1964 Near Mint- Single
Notes: New, never listened to this Single. Original Owner. It is exactly as I purchased it.

Label & Year (printed on label) : Interview on February 11, 1964. CJEP-3301. 33RPM
Record Song Grading (Side A/B): NM- Ranges. Mirror-shiny flat (when looking into a light, very slight scuff on Side A).
Sleeve Condition: Nice. NM-. No tears (see picture), in plastic.

Record Gradings : To my best & 100% honest ability, the 45’s grading’s (per Goldmine website) falls in to the range listed. I look into a light for scratches/scuffs and set the 45 down to check for any warpage. The last time I listened to my 45’s was in 1998 and they played well. I have a Bang-Olufsen Turntable, changed expensive diamond needles every few years, and balanced the clean needle that allowed for the absolute minimal force on a record groove. I sell my LP’s as is since I cannot control differences in other’s turntables/needle care or performance.

Record History & Storage Care : I no longer listen to my vinyl records and decided to sell my entire personal collection. Very hard decision for me. I started collecting 45’s in 1967 and I am the sole owner of every 45 Single I own. 95% of all my records were purchased NEW from Korvettes, Hudsons, Dearborn Music, or Kresge’s (all in the Detroit area). For over 50 years, all my 45 Singles have been stored in a 45 storage carrying case box. Whatever outside cover wear exists, it is from sliding the records in/out from the storage box. They have never been stored in an attic.

Record Care-Handling-Selling Criteria : My life’s record care was immaculate, and I never touched any of my record grooves. I’ve always handled my vinyl with my right thumb on the record edge and my fingers by the center hole. Whenever I did listen to my albums, I used the Discwasher Record Care System and always put the vinyl back into its sleeve after listening to it.

Packaging & Shipping : I make my own sturdy cardboard shipping packages & place the 45 Single(s) with acid-free sheet protectors, with additional cardboard panels. I seal & protect the package with several layers of industrial tape, and highlight red “FRAGILE DO NOT BEND” on the package.
Shipment Carrier & Postage: USPS Domestic and/or the eBay GSP.
Payment: PayPal only within 3 days of winning (unless contacted with answer before auction ends).
Returns/Refunds: None, unless item is different than shown (since once it’s delivered, I no longer have control on its handling & condition). My description is as honest as possible (I have a 100% feedback rating).
Problems: Before leaving any neutral/negative feedback, please contact me and I’ll attempt to resolve.
Buyer Feedback: If you have a feedback rating of 97% or lower, or have zero feedback entries, Bidder must contact me prior to bidding
My Feedback: My goal is to ALWAYS leave mutual positive feedback.

Thanks for taking the time in viewing my auction.