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Vinyl: LED ZEPPELIN II vinyl LP. 1969 Plum Atlantic 588198 .Song title error on sleeve

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14 Feb 2020
04 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
Led Zeppelin
United Kingdom
Acoustic Blues Rock British Invasion Experimental Rock Folk/Country Rock Hard Rock Progressive/Art Rock Psychedelic Rock
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LED ZEPPELIN II vinyl LP. 1969 Plum Atlantic 588198 .Song title error on sleeve

welcome to


Unexpected health issues have brought me to the point that after forty years of collecting I want to part with my vinyl and try to fund some bucket list experiences.

I am reluctant and excited to be making the move to sell my entire record collection. One record at a time.

I've really enjoyed collecting records and crate digging wherever I went. Some were bought new at the time or release. Others I bought used from record shops, markets, secondhand shops.

These items are all from my own personal collection. I am not a shop!

I will take the time and care to give you all the information that you seek and provide your records in a safe and timely manner or your money back.


Here are some things that are good to know in advance.

Most of my collection has been carefully boxed and stored for a number of years.I'm just unpacking some of it now. I will give them a simple clean before playing but all will have some amount of dust and I leave any deep cleaning up to you, as everyone has there own preferences.

All my vinyl has been played and enjoyed and has been a soundtrack to my life. I took care of them but sometimes silly accidents happen, records pick up fine marks from being taken in and out of sleeves, even from cleaning. I try to mention as much as I can and point out the worst of what I see.

  • I play test every record from start to finish.

  • I write more about any flaws than I do about the great bits.

  • Vinyl is played with a Thorens TD 165 turntable and Rotel amp.

  • A track by track assessment is given.

  • I use the U.K Rare Record Price Guide used for grading.

  • The definitions for each grade are displayed below the listing.

  • Postal information and prices are also displayed below.

  • Records are provided with an additional white inner and poly sleeve.

  • Records OVER 40 GBP will be shipped Royal Mail Special Delivery to enable insurance cover. The cost is 8 GBP. Please wait to be invoiced.

  • I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

and finally the listing



General information about this record.

Record ntry


her codes.

I start with the matrix numbers then work anti clockwise around the dead wax.

A.588198. A//6. 420. 21.

B. 588198. B//4. 1 4 9 663 1. 11.


We'll take a look at the record sleeve, inner and any additional inserts. Visually grade both labels and both sides of the vinyl. I will play each side through and give a track by track analysis and grade. From those grades an average grade is reached for each side.

finally the grades


Unlaminated gatefold sleeve printed by E.J day.

The track listing error. Lists "She's a woman" on the sleeve and the amended "She's just a woman" on labels.


Really presentable. Very little creasing. No stickers or stickers marks. No bad scratches. Very well looked after. Couple of surface marks. Nothing major.


Pretty good. No ring wear, no names or stickers. Very presentable. Light marks, and some little spots. Mild creasing only.


Top condition. Light creasing, no major compression. No splits. Moderate to light rubbing to the tips of the corners. Hard to beat.


Good and flat. No rips, no feathering.


Front top left, moderate rubbing, light creasing. Top right minor rubbing. Bottom right ,tiny amount of rubbing.Bottom left, moderate rubbing. Back top left, moderate rubbing. Top right, moderate rubbing. Bottom right, moderate rubbing. Bottom left. Moderate rubbing. All in really good shape.


Neither have splits. Moderate rubbing occurs along all edges.


Good clean looking panels. No stickers or had writing. No tears. Light marks only.

A really good looking sleeve that grades as excellent.


Nice looking plain paper lined inner with "Plastic Bags can be dangerous" text. No splits, no rips or hand writing. Some age discolouration. Grades excellent.


Both labels are looking great. No names or stickers. No stains. Hardly any spindle marks and not much wear to the centre hole. Both grades as excellent.

let's have a listen


Listening with headphones

and a light stylus setting


Whole lotta love.

Ok here we go! Classic track, with big early press sound. What to start with; the raunchy guitar sound, the booming bass, or the very short snippet of someone coughing or laughing right before the song starts. I'd forgotten that was there until hearing this. This is a loud recording. I heard three consecutive extremely low clicks in the start of the instrumental breakdown, hardly worth mentioning, but as it is there I will do so. So far this is a great sounding track. I can hear all the weird things going on in the background. The bottom end is really fat. Vocals are crystal clear. The snare drum sound is mental. Tiny bit of crackle on the solo vocal "way down inside"section. I've got this cranked at nearly full tilt in my amp, probably not safe, but enjoyable. Light crackle between tracks. Grades excellent.

What is and what should never be.

Yeah, nice and warm. It's got some crackle at the start, not too bad. The album would benefit from a deep clean. Nice bit of flanger on the vox. What a great band they were. Due to the fluctuating recording levels in this track, you will hear crackle in the quieter moments, it's a given. Nothing serious so far. "The wind won't blow" section has enormous bass end with the bass and kick drum creating a missile of sound. Enjoyable, grades very good.

Killing floor

Bit of a weird dynamic between the recording sound of the vox and the bass, drums. Low end sounds close mic'd and the vocals have quite a bit of reverb. It's meant to be like this, I'm just mentioning it because I have no faults to mention about this track. Some light crackle here and there. But the mightiness of Zep overpowers any crackle issues.Well worth checking out the Chester Burnett aka Howlin Wolf original of this track to hear this versions origins. Bit of le crackle at the end. Grades very good.

Thank you

Lovely track, sounding warm and full. We have got some persistent crackle going on, it's moderate, not loud, but not quiet. Good to hear some vocal harmonies going on in this track, and of course some organ, and what sounds like 12 string guitar. There are seeds in the production of this number that would shape a lot of their later recording found on the Presence lp. Crackle still going on, "Crumble to the sea" quick scuff sound and moderate crackle. It's the last track, and like a lot of my lps the last track is often the dustiest. It grades as very good minus.

So a super sounding side with some classic Led Zeppelin songs. There was no overall deterioration in the sound, the high notes stayed crisp, as did the low notes with neither suffering from breaking up of frequencies. Even when things got really loud they held together without turning to mush. Crackle, our old friend is present, but there were no skips or jumps. The only repeating noise I heard was low and only happened the once. When I went to change sides I could see that just by playing a bit of dust was released from the grooves, this is a good sign in some ways. This side grades as very good.



Are my ears ready? Perhaps I should turn my headphones down? Nah, let's go. drum and ride cymbals are really clear, and you can hear all the intricacies of John Bonham" playing. Some light crackle at the start and behind the first solo guitar part, not that loud. Everything sounding full when it all kicks off. So much chopping and changing with the rhythms in this it's like being attacked by Bruce Lee. Grades very good minus.

Livin lovin maid

So we segue into this from Heartbreaker. For a fifty year old piece of plastic, it has stood the test of time pretty well - I wish I could say the same about myself. Short and sweet, full sounding, with some crackle in the back. Grades as very good minus.

Ramble on

I can hear all the hand percussion going on at the start. You wait with anticipation for the chorus then Boom! It all kicks in,big sound. I'm looking for a word; exhilarating is it! I lived in an old ambulance owned by a girlfriend, she named it Ramble on. Great track to dance to. Very long fade out with crackle. Grades as very good.

Moby Dick

If Phil Spector created the wall of sound, then Jimmy Page and Eddie Kramer made the Panzer tank of sound. In quiet parts I can hear all the little percussive instruments. Bit crackly, but then if you want no crackle get a cd, mp3 or a mint pressing, big bucks. The reverb you can hear on the drums with this mix is noticable if you really tune your ears in. Then by being lost in the detail you get a real kick when the guitar riff shoots back in. Great! This grades as very good.

Bring it on home.

Another segue from track into track. I wonder why they did that on this side. Again we have a dustier sounding last track. Bass and guitar high in the mix at the start. One quick pop. Then all kicks in with the big Zep sound. All at the top of their game on this album. Sounding good, grades very good minus.

This was another really good sounding side with no major issues. No skips, or loud repeating clicks. One pop, and some persistent crackle that ranges from insudible to moderate, not overpowering. Because this side has more quieter moments I noticed crackle more than on the louder side so I have graded it a notch down. I'm not saying that it is a bad sounding side by any stretch. A clean would improve things a bit, probably bringing the grade up to very good at least. So I am grading this as Very good minus.



Good flat vinyl. Decent sheen and plenty of unmarked surface. There are signs of being played. Light surface marks; sleeve removal, cleaning, slips, all look superficial. Quite a few mild thin scratches some around 1 inch long, most are shorter. Long slight curved mark over track one. Near by is a small 5mm mild scratch in the dead wax and onto track one. We will see if any of these affect playback. Doesn't look pristine, but looks to have some life left. Grades good.


Good sheen, nice and flat. Plenty unmarked surface , but also many fine marks and mild scratches. Some moderate short scratches and some long light one. Grades good plus.


The audio quality on the whole suffers hardly any deterioration from over playing, and I found it to be very listenable. The cover is in fantastic shape, and has the mis-print which is cool. The vinyl doesn't look worn out, but it has encountered some little accidents in its long life. So this is not a big bucks final upgrade. It is a very decent playing copy with early pressing credentials and that back in the day warm, loud mixes. Would suit fans or new collectors wanting a taste of an original without the hefty price tag.

I still have many LP's and singles to list form The Beatles, Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa. A bit of old blues, some jazz, rock and film soundtracks. I list in no particular order, just as I unpack them. If you would like to find out first and get updated then please go ahead and follow me or save me as a seller. eBay will send you notifications when I put up a new listing.



I use the classic U.K Rare Record Guide grading system. Detailed below are their guidelines.


The LP or single is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items are in perfect condition.


The LP or single shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.


The LP or single has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and an occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover and contents without any major defects.


The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing edges, spine splits, discoloring etc.


All records come with a protective poly sleeve, and new white inner. Records are shipped outside of the sleeve within reinforced cardboard packaging to ensure safety during transit.

Please check before bidding if I can send it to you. Prices in GBP

U.K - 1-3 single LPs 4.00 Royal Mail Second Class Signed for



Is accepted from all buyers. Payment must be made no later than three days after the sale closes. If payment has not been made within this time I reserve the right to re-list the item.

Cheque or Postal order

UK buyers are also welcome to pay by cheque or postal order. Payment should be received no later than five days after the sale closes. Please allow one week for cheques to clear once being received.

I hope I have covered everything you need to know. Message me if you have any questions. I am happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by!