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Vinyl: The Doors Break On Through 45 Single 1967 Mono 1st Pressing Promo Stamp M-

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19 Jul 2019
18 Jul 2019
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United States
Brand New
The Doors
Psychedelic Psychedelic Rock
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I am selling some items like Records, CD's, DVD's, comics, trading cards and other collectibles. I have been collecting and have for over 18 years of experience. So I have some experience and grading and selling. This week I will be listing some 1960's, 1970's, & 1980's rock vintage vinyls all original unless noted. Up for bid is one copy of a 45 RPM Single from The Doors Break On Through (The Other Side) 1967 Mono (EKS-45611) with End Of The Night 1st Pressing, with the Red And White Elektra label.

The Doors, 1967 1st Pressing

Side A: EK-45611-A

Break On Through (To The Other Side) (2:26) (Mono)

Side B: EK-45611-B

End Of The Night (2:49) (Mono)

Produced by Paul A. Rothchild

Engineer, Bruce Botnick

Words & Music by The Doors

Cover; (EX) Vinyl; (M-)

The record has no wear its Mint - condition but not quiet mint condition. This is the first single from The Doors debut self titled album The Doors 1967 there first album. It did not do well when the single came at as it charted at 126 in the billboard even though it got a lot of airplay. Even thought it became hit over night in concerts as it became a staple after Light My Fire became a hit.It is still played today in radio stations and is a classic in rock.

When you play it in the beginning and the end it has light static but disappears on both sides doesn't affect play. Other than that it has no scratches when you put it in the light and the label is clean and bright. It does have a small stamp in Side A that says "Not For Sale" on the bottom of the ring on the middle. Does not affect play at all when you play, the hole indicates it was used on the a jukebox. The record does come with the Elektra Promo sleeve that is in Excellent condition, not the actual picture sleeve with some light wear. This is how it came when I bought it. I included some pictures I took and and some scans of the record so you can look close at what's printed on the label. So if you are a Doors fan or a vinyl collector get while you can with the picture sleeve as it is impossible to find separate don't miss this chance.

This is my record grading standards I use, if you don't agree let me know and I will change it or give me your opinion. If you don't like my grading system, then do not bid or think before you do. When you bid like I said bid with confidence.



Mint (M): Perfect. I will only use this for a brand new, sealed item.
Near Mint (NM): A nearly perfect record. No obvious signs of wear, though there may be very slight imperfections inherent in the vinyl pressing.
Excellent (EX): This is a listing that may not quite be NM, but is just too good to be listed as any variation of “VG”.
Very Good Plus (VG+): Record shows some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that do not affect the listening experience. Slight warps not affecting the sound are OK. Label may have some ring wear or discoloration.
Very Good (VG): Record may have some light scratches and scuffs that may affect the sound especially in softer passages of the record, but will not overpower the music. There will be no skips in the record.
Very Good Minus (VG-): Record will have scratches and scuffs that will affect the sound. The noise will not detract from enjoying the record. Very old records with significant wear will be listed under this classification. There will be no skips in the record.


Mint (M): Perfect. Again…a brand new, sealed item.
Near Mint (NM): No creases, folds, seam splits, or cut-out holes. Only the slightest signs of handling may be visible.
Excellent (EX): This is a listing that may not quite be NM, but is just too good to be listed as any variation of “VG”.
Very Good Plus (VG+): Slight creases or signs of wear may be visible. May be marred by a cut-out hole or other indication that it was taken out-of-print.
Very Good (VG): Creases, significant wear, and significant ring wear will be visible. No splits or tape.
Very Good Minus (VG-): Creases, significant wear, and significant ring wear will be visible more so than on a VG cover. Splits or tape may be present. There may be some writing on the cover.

Payment expected within 48 hours of winning bid. Item shipped on envelope. The Record or Records will be bagged and boarded and will include two pieces of cardboard taped to the front and back for added protection. I only ship in the US I don't ship outside, no international bidders, only US due to being asked to lower the shipping costs or for high costs.

No returns or Exchanges, all sales are final. If you have any questions contact me. Thank you and happy bidding to all.