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CD: Dave's Picks Grateful Dead Music C.D. Rare Set vol 1 - 20 with bonus & alternate

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2,999.99 USD
2,999.99 USD
07 Dec 2017
05 Dec 2017
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United States
Very Good
The Grateful Dead
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This CD set includes volumes 1-20 in excellent (collector) owned condition. This set includes both versions of DP #3, the subscription version as well as the impossible to find "Dead Letter Edition" which was limited to a total production of 500. This alternate version is new in factory shrink wrap. All five bonus discs (pictured) are also included. As shown; DP #14 has a razor cut on the spine. This happened during factory packaging. No other damage or surprises here. These discs have never been abused or mishandled, cared for properly since new. Please ask any questions before purchasing. Absolutely No Returns. Items sold exactly as pictured.