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Vinyl: beatles please please me black- gold stereo album 1963 E.JAY.DAY cover PCS3042.

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5,658.00 GBP
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200.00 GBP
09 Apr 2017
04 Apr 2017
37 bids
United Kingdom
The Beatles
United Kingdom
Pop & Beat: 1960s
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Here is another beatles album from my fathers collection he left me.This is the black and gold stereo version of the beatles first album please please me from 1963. This album is in very good condition the cover is very very good,and has been printed by E.J.DAY. The labels are very crisp and have no writing or damage and the lettering in gold is very good,the cover is in very good condition but does have some small stains what you can see on the front. Also this has the dick james mus.co publishing credits to the labels,there is a zt tax code on side two. The cat number is PCS 3042 the matrix numbers are YEX 94-1 and YEX 95-1 stamper codes are side 1 1R and side 2 1G.the front cover has photo Angus McBean in the far bottom right of the front cover. The vinyl is in very good condition and plays very well with no surface noise and does not jump,under bright light there is some surface scratches so please remember this album is not mint but very very good. I have started the bidding low best of luck.