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CD: Esoteric SACD Collection :- 123 discs in total - 59 single, 4 double, 9 box sets

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17,500.00 AUD
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17,500.00 AUD
13 Feb 2017
29 Jan 2017
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I am selling as one lot my personal collection of Esoteric SACD’s.

This presents a rare opportunity for someone who has always wanted the Esoteric SACD’s given the inclusion of all the early discs that are extremely rare.

All these SACD's are now discontinued by the manufacturer, Esoteric Japan.

Numbered: 90013 to 90020 (incl), 90036 to 90148 (incl), 10000 & 10001.

ALL SACD’s are sealed/new condition with single SACD’s in additional individual plastic sleeves. Box sets have been rewrapped in bubble wrap to protect factory seal.

NB Does NOT include the Wagner "Ring" box set !!!
NB: Size of package is too large for Aust Post-Parcel Post and must be sent by courier. DO NOT rely on postage calculator on Ebay.

Given value of this collection, package will ONLY be sent by courier with tracking, insurance and receipt signature.
Please contact me to arrange quote or you can contact Mangesh Barde at Pack & Send, Capalaba ( quote # 23442) @ email:

Alternatively happy if you wish to arrange for your own courier or pick up. I can provide details of package as required.

I will ship internationally but ALL costs (ie packaging, tracked courier, insurance plus any overseas countries Import Duties & Taxes will be the BUYERS responsibility!!!). Again, please contact me for quote.