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Vinyl: The White Stripes - De Stijl [New Vinyl] Ltd Ed, 180 Gram, Rmst, Reissue

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15 Sep 2019
19 Dec 2016
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The White Stripes
Third Man Records
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The White Stripes - De Stijl [New Vinyl] Ltd Ed, 180 Gram, Rmst, Reissue

Artist: The White Stripes
Title: De Stijl
Item Condition: New and unplayed
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 2010
Label: Third Man Records
UPC: 093624959489
Genre: Alternative Rock

Album Tracks

1. You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
2. Hello Operator
3. Little Bird
4. Apple Blossom
5. I'm Bound to Pack It Up
6. Death Letter
7. Sister, Do You Know My Name?

1. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
2. A Boy's Best Friend
3. Let's Build a Home
4. Jumble, Jumble
5. Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?
6. Your Southern Can Is Mine

The duo's second album, recorded on 8-track analog tape in lead singer and guitarist Jack's living room, encompasses a range of eclectic styles: bubblegum, cabaret, blues, classic rock, and, of course, The Stripes' home-base, garage rock. This 2000 album is today recognized as a cult classic and little wonder why: it seamlessly pulls together tracks as varied as the peppy "You're Pretty Good Looking" and the loud "Hello Operator" or the theatrical ballad "Apple Blossom."