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CD: Johnny Cash - Original Album Classics [New CD] Germany - Import

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20.52 USD
20 Nov 2020
29 Sep 2016
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Johnny Cash
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Johnny Cash - Original Album Classics [New CD] Germany - Import
Johnny Cash - Original Album Classics [New CD] Germany - Import

Artist: Johnny Cash

Title: Original Album Classics


Format: CD

Release Date: 2012

Label: Sony UK

UPC: 886919015928

Genre: Country

Album Tracks

1. Southwind
2. The Devil to Pay
3. Cause I Love You
4. See Ruby Fall
5. Route #1, Box 144
6. Sing a Travelin' Song
7. If I Were a Carpenter
8. To Beat the Devil
9. Blistered
10. Wrinkled, Crinkled, Wadded Dollar Bill
11. I've Got a Thing About Trains
12. Jesus Was a Carpenter
13. Sunday Morning Coming Down
14. Come Along and Ride This Train (Six Days on the Road/There Ain't No Easy Run/The Sailor on a Sea)
15. Six Days on the Road
16. There Ain't No Easy Run
17. The Sailor on a Concrete Sea
18. These Hands
19. I'm Gonna Try to Be That Way
20. Come Along and Ride This Train (Mississippi Delta Land/Detroi City/Uncloudy Day/No Setting Sun)
21. Mississippi Delta Land
22. Detroit City
23. Uncloudy Day
24. No Setting Sun
25. Mississippi Delta Land
26. Here Was a Man
27. The Preacher Said, "Jesus Said"
28. Orphan of the Road
29. You've Got a New Light Shining in Your Eyes
30. If Not for Love
31. Man in Black
32. Singin' in Viet Nam Talkin' Blues
33. Ned Kelly
34. Look for Me
35. Dear Mrs
36. I Talk to Jesus Every Day

EU-only three CD set containing a trio of albums from the Country legend, each housed in a replica mini-LP sleeve. Includes the albums, Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, (1969), which is unavailable in the U.S., the Johnny Cash Show-Live (1970) and Man in Black (1971). The latter two titles are long out of print in the U.S.' Sony. 2012.

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