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CD: Michael Rabin Leonid Kogan Oistrakh Wilkomirska SEFEL TELARC West Germany 新年快乐

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2,750.00 GBP
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2,750.00 GBP
03 Jan 2021
21 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
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Hi, I just want to wish everyone who has bought classical CDs from me before a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR (新年快乐).
I will be selling the CDs shown in the photo of this listing, individually, early in 2021 so please keep watching my listings. Thank you!


TELARC Straussfest is Made in West Germany
Friedman - Violin Showpieces is 1992 no IFPI version
All TELARC are made in West Germany
Kyung Wha Chung - Danse Macabre is Made in Germany FULL Silver no IFPI
Rabin/Slatkin is made in Switzerland