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Vinyl: BEATLES LOST HARRISON COMPRESSED WHITE ALBUM LOW #0009635 RARE A28 MATRIX 1 of 3 Harrison White Album George never wanted you to hear !

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9,995.00 USD
9,995.00 USD
23 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020
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United States
The Beatles
United States
Britpop Singer-Songwriter British Invasion Rock 'n' Roll
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This is Unprecedented Beatles History !! 'The Lost Harrison Compressed White Album' with ALL 7 label errors, Mega Low # 0009635 with rare historic matrix: S1-A28 S2-B28 S3-A28 S4-A28...Perhaps never ever seen before with NM LPs, ALL 7 errors, mega low number plus rare glossy white photo spacer

**** Please take a few minutes to read all below and you'll be amazed at it's incredible rarity ****

**** This may be the rarest Beatles album known to exist in the world ****

**** This is one of only three known to exist in the world *****

Side 1: SWBO-1-101- A28 with